Ford is bringing back the F-150 Lightning as an all-electric pickup


Editor’s take: Ford is bringing back one of the most coveted versions of its F-150 pickup truck, this time with an all-electric powertrain. The second-gen Lightning has an undeniable reputation, but perhaps the third time will truly be the charm? We shall see.

Ford was a bit late to the game with its “muscle truck,” the SVT Lightning. The first generation Lightning debuted in 1993, just as the high-performance yet extremely rare GMC Syclone and Typhoon were ending their runs. Ford produced the first-gen model through 1995 before discontinuing it.

The SVT Lightning would return for another run starting with the 1999 year model, this time packing a much more powerful 5.4L supercharged V8. With a few basic bolt-ons, these trucks could run 12-second quarter miles with ease which was pretty quick for the time.

On May 19, Ford will introduce the third-gen F-150 Lightning. Ford isn’t saying a whole lot about the truck just yet, save for the fact that it’ll be quicker than the original Lightning and will “constantly improve” courtesy of over-the-air updates.

We also know that it’ll enter production next spring at the Ford Rogue Electric Vehicle Center. Interested parties can take in the livestream starting at 9:30 p.m. Eastern across a variety of outlets including Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.


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