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First Look at Maddie Ziegler in New ‘The Book of Henry’ Trailer

More Celebrity News ▻▻ Maddie Ziegler makes her acting debut in The Book of Henry and her role is much darker than you’d expect it to be. Maddie Ziegler…


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  1. in the movie, Henry dies of a tumour, that's his mother has to take on Glenn herself but before Henry dies he makes a note note and recordings everything his mother has got to do so she doesn't get caught trying to kill Glenn

  2. Maddie Ziegler is a great actor but personally I would love to see her continue to dance for Dance Moms and such. However watching this film made me realize that her acting is not as bad as I though it was. Keep dancing!!

  3. People are saying, "she sucks at acting" and all that crap, when you haven't even seen the movie yet so how do you know? Also, she's being abused and tormented, is she supposed to have a giant personality??? No. No she isn't. If you were abused, you'd be all "robotic" too. I haven't seen the movie either, clearly, so I haven't seen the rest of her acting, but this is just my opinion.

  4. Why is everyone only talking about maddie??? What about the cast as a whole?! I like maddie but what about jacob tremblay,naomi watts, and jaedan lieheber??? When a movie comes out usually The MOVIE is talked about not just one cast member out of like 20 people.

  5. Guys I am a performer/actress and I seriously think that while Maddie can dance EXTREMELY well, acting isn't her strong suit. Maybe that's just cos I mainly do theatre and in theatre you do everything really ovr the top, but i think she sounds like she's reading.

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