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Are you having second thoughts about the partner you are about to marry? Do you have sleepless nights thinking how things will change in your life post marriage? If your answer is yes, then you are going through pre wedding jitters. Go through anxiety about your upcoming wedding is a very natural process. Psychologists and relationship experts feel that, while it’s a very process to go through pre-wedding jitters, because one is unsure about the future, it is also very important to address them, and make sure that the person going through such issues doesn’t feel the same way for a long time. We give you tips on identifying the signs, and the ways to deal with pre wedding jitters.

Discovering the signs

1.The first sign of someone going through pre wedding jitters is mood swings. “ People will be extremely happy, and then the next minute will be extremely sad. This happens because at the back of their mind, they are bothered about what will happen in their lives post marriage. They will get extremely irritable and very moody,” says Pulkit.

2.Someone who is anxious, and feels unsure about their upcoming wedding, also try to find escape routes, to get away from marriage. Things like looking for a job somewhere else or dating someone else, are all signs of someone going through these jitters.

3.Another big sign that one os nervous about their wedding is that they start ignoring their partner. They will ignore their calls or messages, and make up some excuse of why they couldn’t respond.

Tackling pre wedding jitters

1.Communicating issues has to be the top most priority for any couple. So, if you see your partner feeling anxious or jittery about the wedding, sit with them and talk about issues that are bothering them and then try to solve them out. Often, people tend to worry about how lives will change after marriage. So instead of talking about what could be, talk about things you will end up doing together after the marriage. And in case you are anxious about the wedding, sit down with your partner and share what you are feeling, and express what you want, clearly.

2. Keep sipping black coffee. Black coffee has the same hormones, which are responsible for keeping one happy. It’s a very simple, but important way to not feel anxious and avoid such jitters.

3.Try to stay busy till the wedding, and not with things around the wedding. Join a gym, or start playing a sport. Basically, get busy with something that keep your mind away from the wedding

4.Another way to tackle, and avoid such jitters is to basically make sure that you have positive frame of mind. Eat healthy, sleep right, and follow a balanced lifestyle. You will find yourself away from these worries.

Inputs given by psychologist Pulkit Sharma and Dr. Anil Sethi.

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