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Tired of having to wait while videos buffer? This extension will replace videos on websites with a custom player that is designed to play with minimal buffering.

  • Take advantage of automatic fragmentation and parallel requests for up to 6x faster downloads.
  • As you watch, pre-download the video to instantly save the video (and subtitles) as an mp4 file at the push of a button.

The player currently supports:

  • MP4 videos
  • HLS streams
  • DASH streams
  • YouTube (download NOT supported, please see GitHub)

In addition, the player has a bunch of features to make life easier:

  • OpenSubtitles support so you can search for subtitles directly from the player.
  • Subtitle offset controls to correct bad subtitle timings within the player
  • Precise video previews when hovering over the timeline.
  • Helpful (remappable) keybinds such as: Alt to hide player, Z to undo seek, <> to skip 2 seconds.
  • Adjustable video brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and more
  • Adjustable volume, up to 300% volume boost
  • Configurable audio dynamics: Has audio mixer, equalizer, and compressor tool built in

Should you like binging shows, the player also comes equipped with a custom video analysis system that runs in the background to identify intro/outro sequences based on repetitive scenes. Once they have been identified, you can skip them easily by pressing S.

To use the player, simply:
1. Go to any website you want with a video and toggle the extension on. Any video it detects will be automatically replaced with the new player.
2. Alternatively, you can also simply click on or navigate to a stream manifest file (m3u8/mpd) to begin playing.
3. Drag and drop files to the player to begin playing. Navigate to a new tab and press the extension icon to go to the player.


  • This player will not function with DRM protected content. This is intended.
  • This player is still a work-in-progress. Please report any bugs to the Github issue tracker here:
  • This extension does not collect telemetry of any kind. Nor does it require additional resources from the internet to function. It will work fully offline. Feel free to browse the codebase on Github.
  • We take accessibility seriously. If you need accommodations not available in the current version, please contact us and we will work on it ASAP.

What’s New

  • Settings are now exportable/importable
  • Small fixes

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