Facebook is testing ‘Green Screen’ editing tool for content creators

Facebook is testing a new feature for creators. The new “Green Screen” tool will allow users to add any video or image in the background of the Facebook Stories they create. This option is similar to the one available on Instagram already. However, it will be available as an editing tool for the social media app, whereas on Instagram it is available as an AR filter or effect.

This tool was spotted by Mamun Billah via Social Media Today. As per the screenshot shared, the user can see the option in the stories section. The user can choose a photo or video from the Gallery section. When the user chooses the option, it is also labelled as “GREEN SCREEN by Instagram” at the bottom.

Here’s the screenshot of the feature

The handy tool for content creators is already available on the short video creation app TikTok, which was banned in India last year. There is no confirmation about the new feature being tested from Facebook or its possible rollout in the future. However, it will certainly add another dimension to content creation on the platform.

Earlier this month, Facebook rolled out the ability to create Reels (short video) on their platform as well. The social media giant also announced that it is testing a feature for Instagram content creators in India that lets them share Reels on their Facebook account as well. The Reel will also be recommended to users on Facebook if the content creator has a public account.

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