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With e-learning becoming the new normal amid the pandemic, experts from various fields have taken to online workshops and classes to help people hone skills and pursue their passion.

Lockdown being the perfect opportunity to upskill oneself, DJ Suketu has been hosting weekly tutorials on Tuesdays, teaching aspiring DJs how to produce their own music. So far, he has dealt with mixing, scratching, releasing, electronic music production and software instruments etc.


With time on hands and an urge to teach and keep afloat, wedding planners Kaveri Vij and Akshay Chopra of Designer Events Inc have also been conducting wedding planning classes through online sessions. Vij says, “The entire world has moved to a virtual platform. We conducted wedding planning workshop for aspiring students last year, and this year considering the present situation we made the format online. We have two options for students to choose from, a two day masterclass to understand the insights of this industry or an intensive 8 day course to aid the students in understand the technicals on becoming a wedding planner.”

Chopra further explains, “We have charged nominal prices for these. We also, do a lot of live sessions to educate our guests and future students too. We are also planning to do private one on one sessions for future bride and groom sessions to understand how to address wedding planning as a couple.”


Educating aspiring standup comedians via a charitable initiative is comedian Amit Tandon, who has conducted online workshops on Zoom as fund-raisers to help daily wagers.. He says, “These were 4 hour long extensive workshops essentially around writing stand-up comedy. Can’t teach much about performing because it’s only when you are on stage you learn about performance. So now, we have to innovate around technology.”

And it’s not just about teaching budding aspirants, he also feels that this is not the time to compete but be together and reveals that several comedians are getting together on digital platforms are now sharing learnings with others. Some of the learnings include how the setup should be of an online show, best practices and instructions you can send out to audience, discussing which ticketing platform is better, etc.

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