EWar announces Free Fire Premier League, an IPL-like Esports tournament

Bengaluru-based EWar Games is currently hosting a new form of Esports tournament for Garena Free Fire players across India. The new ‘Free Fire Premier League’ tournament is an IPL-like tournament for Free Fire teams. EWar is witnessing participation from several thousands of Free Fire gamers across six Indian states including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan, Telangana and West Bengal.

The first Free Fire Premier League season is being held for a period of 15 days from March 5 to March 15, 2021. The tournament is also offering prizes of up to Rs 1 lakh for the winning team, while first and second runner-up teams will be awarded Rs 30,000 and Rs 20,000 respectively. There is also a Best Underdog team prize worth Rs 10,000.

How EWar Free Fire Premier League (FPL) works

Around 9 matches will be played on a daily basis throughout the first season of the tournament, which will follow a league-based ranking system instead of a knockout system. The League will be progressing through a series of consecutive stages as well. These include 45 qualifiers’ matches with 540 teams, 18 quarter-final matches with 90 teams, and 16 semi-final matches with 24 teams.

Before the semi-final and final phase of the tournament, six franchise/state owners will participate in a virtual-wallet-based auction to bid for the 12 top ‘invited teams’ of the tournament. Here, each owner will be buying two teams.

Following the bidding process, these teams will be allotted to their respective state and will enter the tournament to play against the qualified ‘underdog teams’ from the preceding stages. Among the team owners are Nimish Raut, Fnatic India Head & Delhi owner and Rushindra Sinha, Founder of Global Esports & Maharashtra owner.

Among some of the notable ‘invited’ teams who have confirmed participation in the current season of FPL are: Total Gaming, TSG, Lokesh Gamer, Nonstop Gaming, Nayeem Aalam, Villian Gaming, Techno Banda, Enigma Gaming and Jigs Official.

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