Everything You Need to Know About Off-Road Biking

Everything You Need to Know About Off-Road Biking

You’re thinking of taking your biking to a new level by going off-road like many other people. Well, if you are going to do this, the following is everything you need to know about off-road biking.

Different Dirt Bikes

The first thing you should learn is that there are different types of dirt bikes, like the motorcross bike and the off-road bike among others. Knowing the difference between bikes should make it easier to find the right bike for your needs.

The following are a few bikes to choose from:


The motocross bike is a high-performance bike. This is the bike you would use on an obstacle course where you have to jump or hit sharp corners. These bikes can accelerate at a speed you wouldn’t believe and stop very fast.

It should be pointed out that the suspension system is quite sophisticated to handle jumps, but this also makes the motorcross bike pretty tall. Now, it’s important to note motocross bikes are going to need a lot of service trips, and it may also be a good idea to store away some motocross dirt bike parts. Any good bike part store like Coolster will tell you that the wear and tear on a motocross bike are considerable. Be prepared for the maintenance involved with this option.

Trail Riding

The next type of bike you have to learn about is the trail riding bike. The reality is this bike and the one mentioned earlier look pretty much the same, but there are major differences. For one, these bikes don’t accelerate too quickly, but they can pick up speed after some time.

Another thing that should be pointed out is there are things like hand protectors and radiator guards to protect you and the bike. Trail bikes have a large fuel tank, so you can ride it for hours. The design is much more ergonomic since you can ride this bike for a long time and do so comfortably.


Another bike you need to know about is the enduro bike. This is a bike that many beginners confuse with a trail bike, which does make sense. They do look similar, and these bikes are made to handle all sorts of terrain, just like the trail bike, but there are some differences.

This bike was designed to be mishandled and punished. If you are the kind of off-road biker who hits the trail hard, then this is the bike for you. Its design is powerful; it comes with a large fuel tank, and it has a braking system that you’re really going to love because riders like you need that extra bit of protection. The suspension system is versatile, which makes it easier for the bike to adjust to terrain changes. This would be a great option if you travel as each region has a different terrain to ride on while you’re exploring.

Dual Sports

The dual sports bike was designed for on-road and off-road fun. The amount of off-road and on-road biking you are going to be doing should guide your choice regarding the dual sports bike you get. You are going to find that some of these bikes were made to be mostly off-road, while others were made to be mostly on-road, so choose the one that’s going to work for you.

A great thing about these bikes is you can ride it to your destination, unlike other off-road bikes you have to transport to the off-road site. Remember, these bikes are much heavier than other off-road bikes, which is probably due to the lights and indicators installed on the bike, which means you can legally ride it on regular streets. Since these bikes aren’t made specifically for off-road biking, you should know the performance won’t be stellar.

These are some of the off-road bikes out there and some things you should know. As a beginner, you probably want to try a few of these out. You can rent them to get a feel for them before you make a purchase, or you can talk to a bike expert to see what he or she recommends for your specific needs.

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