Everything We Ate Today – Vegan!

Everything We Ate Today – Vegan! Merch Love Our Reality TV recap channel: …

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  1. Maddie, this may sound counter productive, and I am not sure if any of the the ingredients would be objectionable, but . . .for heartburn I chew cinnamon gum. I can usually project when I have had a trigger. A quick and furious chew of two pieces avoids an episode. Good luck

  2. Many thanks for all your videos. I’m a senior on a very limited income and I’ve come to rely on your videos. Buying vegan prepared foods can be quite an expensive undertaking; so I make as much as I can in my own. Some foods like ‘yogurt’ are out of my price range whether I store buy or make myself. I can tell you that I Dream in terms of your fancy blender. Wish I had an insta pot! Lol! Keep up the great work, women, ‘cause I enjoy your videos – and it helps me change up my meals. Much love, Dina!

  3. I don't fast because that's what has caused some YouTubers to be ex-vegan and I don't feel that I need to. Whole plants foods is the best foods and is what I focus on. I eat oil free as much as I can.

  4. Your food always looks delish. Just something to think about that I’ve learned. Any tbsp of oil adds 120 calories to the dish. Adds up throughout the day if trying to lose. Try to omit it if you can. They say 1 tablespoon a day adds up to a pound a month. In a years time that can add up. I’ve cut it out and only use water or broth to sauté now. And I use reduced balsamic’s for salad dressings. California Balsamic is amazing

  5. Coffee or Tea is actually good. Caffeine in moderation. Carb light. Props! Lmao. Apple tartness is everything. Tangy oranges too or it's just bleh. Cardio slacking made me thick. THICC! but I am pushing myself to get out weather or not. Veggie city. Less processed which was starting to get stale.

  6. You may want to check out Dr. Mindy Pelz's "Re-setter" program for intermittent fasting. She has a YouTube channel and I've found it to be a really good source of information. Also, it really seems to be focused on issues that women have to consider, so you may want to give her videos a look. Cheers and I hope you're feeling better.

  7. Favorite Things needs to return. I had a dream for 2 seconds Maddie was going about Lin Miranda again. 😂 People say they don't try any of our stuff. Ha. I read and try stuff from the comments. ❤️

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