Eero 6 Reviews, Pros and Cons


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For everything the eero 6 can do, you’ll find that and a lot more in almost any other mesh systems on the market. The extra things it uniquely has — i.e., home automation, app-related convenience, data collecting for future improvement, etc. — likely only benefit eero (or Amazon). So the question is, why do you even consider paying for it? I wouldn’t use it for myself if it were free.

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The Eero 6 offers fast Wi-Fi speeds and robust whole-home connectivity for a very attractive price. Incredibly easy to set up and use with lots of handy features via the well-made app.

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The eero 6 mesh wi-fi is an affordable solution to improve your wi-fi across your home that’s easy to set up and manage through the app.

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When a growing smart home needs coverage, the Eero 6 is an affordable solution.

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The Eero 6 is a value among mesh routers that support Wi-Fi 6, and the system did a fine job of maintaining a steady connection as I tested it, never dropping me once. But my average speeds suffered heavily from the poor band-steering — enough so that its performance ranks below some systems that don’t support Wi-Fi 6 at all. That’s the last thing you want.

By McCann Tech

The Eero 6 is easy to recommend for most people, but expensive tri-band kits like the Eero Pro 6 are harder to recommend. The hardest part about recommending the pro model over the Eero 6 is the price difference. The 3 piece Eero 6 kit is normally $279 or $349, but the Eero Pro 6 kit is normally $599. You have to decide if the additional speed is worth twice the cost. I’m inclined to think most people will be happier with the basic Eero 6, but those with more space to cover and faster Internet connections will be able to use the extra capabilities of the Eero Pro 6.


If you have a home filled to the brim with connected devices and have a fast internet plan, the Pro 6 is the way to go. For everyone else, the Eero 6 will get the job done and even offer noticeable improvements over the base Eero (we just wish the company didn’t skimp on ports). Also, if you upgrade over the entry-level Eero, don’t throw the nodes away, as they can run in tandem with the Eero 6.

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The Eero 6 is very much an entry-level product for those who haven’t yet adopted mesh networking. It’s also a good choice if you want something that supports new technologies rather than require an upgrade down the line. For full gigabit support, Amazon offers the Eero 6 Pro, which costs $100 more—more than $300 extra for the three-pack—and has the requisite tri-band that takes full advantage of the spec. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer extra Ethernet jacks, so this isn’t a system for sophisticated setups either.

By PCMag

Hands on: Like most mesh systems, Amazon’s Eero 6 is designed for easy installation and broad coverage area to handle larger homes. But, this new system is also Wi-Fi 6 compatible, includes a smart home hub, and has an exceptionally attractive price point.


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