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Selling rare notes on eBay is one of the best ways to make money quickly, and some notes are worth a huge fortune. 

A £10 note which has a special serial number has been listed on the site by seller “cwri2820”, who sold the note for £3,600.

It is a polymer Jane Austen £10 note, which was released into circulation in late 2017. 

The eight digit serial number is significant because it starts with the four digits “1775”, the year Jane Austen was born.

The note received two bids before it sold for the hefty sum to a private bidder. 

Writing about the £10, the seller said: This is an auction/buy now for the newly released polymer £10 Jane Austen note.

This specific one has the numbers starting with ‘1775’.

1775 was the year Jane Austen, was born. This will be a must-have for Jane Austen fans or note collectors alike. 

“I know the pricing is high, but due to the birth year being at the start of the serial, it will be highly collectible.”

The seller goes on to explain the note is in “perfect condition” and sealed in plastic.

“A note in perfect condition helps to keep its value at maximum.”

Recently, a £5 note worth £2,500 was listed on eBay by a seller.

The new note is advertised as rare on the posting, uploaded to the site by user Yasminyack.

The seller wrote of the note: “This banknote was collected from our local bank for shop change at the start of the week – unknown if it has been in circulation before.”

But can you spot what the seller claims makes this note so rare?

Notes with this rare error are worth thousands of pounds on the website.

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