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Director Duncan Jones is completing his Mooniverse trilogy with the debut of his graphic novel Madi: Once Upon a Time In The Future.

The book is the third and final entry in Jones’ sci-fi sereis that launched in 2009 with indie film Moon, starring Sam Rockwell in a dual role.

He followed the critical success of Moon with 2018 Netflix original movie Mute. Each of these entries tell a different story set in the same universe.

Madi is described as a “260-page road trip graphic novel” from Jones and writer Alex de Campi and centres on a mercenary, according to its page on Kickstarter.

The two collaborators partnered with artists such as Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley, Duncan Fegredo, and Pia Guerra to illustrate the book with each artist taking on a different setting in the story. The book is nearly finished and available on the Kickstarter. The artistes have already been paid and fans can buy different versions of the book at different prices.


A script version of Madi existed long before Jones and his team adapted it into the graphic novel that is now on sale, IndieWire reported.

Jones believed it would be a tricky film to finance but had promised in 2019 to try and get the movie made if fans like the graphic novel.

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