Dozee contactless monitoring device review: Just sleep on it

While all of us do sleep for a few hours daily, we don’t give it the importance it deserves in helping us stay healthy and productive. It is well established that everyone needs to sleep for a certain number of hours according to their age and other health indicators. While a lot of smart bands and smartwatches can keep tab on your sleep data, wearing something other than your pyjamas to sleep can be uncomfortable for most people. And this is where Dozee, which calls itself India’s first contactless remote health monitoring device, comes into the picture.

What does Dozee do?

Dozee is a “contactless vitals monitoring device”. There are two parts to the device — a mat that goes under the mattress and a small hub which is connected to the mat and the power source. The hub can connect to Wi-Fi using the smartphone app and keeps uploading your data to the cloud for real-time analysis.

The Dozee mat uses Ballistocardiography (BCG), a non-invasive method that tracks vibrations from heartbeats, breathing and even the smallest body movements to monitor heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, sleep stages and stress-recovery. The mat has sensors on it to not just read the vibrations, but also to negate the false positives, especially from someone who might be lying next to the person who is on the mat. The mat is placed under the mattress around the area of the chest for best results.

The Dozee mat is placed under the mat. (Image source: Dozee)

Setting up the Dozee

The Dozee is very easy to set up. Once connected to power, the hub is visible on your phone via the Dozee app and just needs to be linked to your Wi-Fi.

The best part about this app and the hub is that it stays connected all the time and you don’t really need to check if it is working. However, one issue I think some users will face is the need for a power connection to run this — you better have one near the bed. This is where I think a battery-powered version should be a good addition.

Using the Dozee

Using the Dozee is simple as doing the Shavasana. Yes, all you need to do is sleep on it. When you wake up in the morning, readings from the time you went to sleep will be available on the app.

It shows the heart rate and range, respirations and stress recovery. What I really liked about the app is how it does not try and fit you to a generic average. The first five days of using Dozee, the app tries to calculate what is the normal for you and then sets the range for each user. This is how I think health data should be analysed.

Every morning the app asks how you feel after the sleep and then tries to match it with the data. If I say I am feeling dull, it will say there is no need to worry as the vitals are all fine.

Data from the Dozee app. (Image source: Nandagaopal Rajan/Indian Express)

For regular people, the data is useful to analyse if there are any deviations happening within the range when you are sleeping. While some of this could be normal, often these could also be indications of a larger underlying health issue. Ideally Dozee should be able to alert you about the same. The app also sends you a consolidated report at the end of each week, again something I found very useful.

This is the kind of data your doctor can act on, and something he can look at to see if it corroborates other reports he might have.

Who should get the Dozee?

Well, most healthy people don’t need a device like this. An affordable health band that gives proper data should be enough to track your sleep and other vitals. But for those with with chronic diseases like diabetes, an early warning system of sorts could be important. Also, it is a good indicator of how sleep deprived a person is and could help them retain optimum levels of sleep.

Dozee is also a good device for senior care, as remote relatives will be able to keep tab of the vitals of their loved ones on a regular basis and be alerted if something is showing signs of worsening. Since respiratory levels is something Dozee tracks very well, this is a good option for those in Covid-19 care or recovering from the same.

At Rs 7,999, Dozee is a worthy investment for those who need a better understanding of their, or their loved ones’, vitals. And this is a technology that works as you sleep.

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