Do It For The Money: How Deep Is Your Love?

In this season of love, let’s check how well do couples really know each other! Disclaimer: All participants have expressed their explicit consent to be featured in the episode. SUBSCRIBE…

Written by sortiwa

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  1. Out of so many local youtubers in SG, I got to say. The one with real standards is definitely u guys, NOC. Deekosh, u're really a talented person. Cameraman and scriptwriter are awesome as well. As how youtube is just a platform to let ppl upload their vids, u peeps took it to another level which is very cool! Keep going! I might just have no excuses anymore and to be one of ur patrons! Much love from penang 🖤

  2. i can relate so much to that super junior fangirl and her excitement HAHA & it's so cute how her boyfriend just smiled at her so lovingly seeing how agitated she got saying suju just held their concert here last week~~