Disney+ attracts 10 million subscribers on first day

What just happened? Disney’s first streaming video platform launched on Tuesday to what a company spokesperson described as demand that exceeded their highest expectations. On Wednesday, the company backed up that claim by providing an early look at sign-up numbers.

In its first day, Disney reportedly signed up 10 million subscribers to Disney+. Of course, it’s difficult to quantify that number as the entertainment conglomerate is offering a free seven-day trial to its streaming service. How many stick around after the promo and continue to pay for the service is what’ll really matter although I suspect the fall-off won’t be all that steep.

Research firm MoffettNathanson said in October that it expected Disney+ to hit eight million subscribers by the end of 2019 and 18 million by the end of Disney’s fiscal year 2020.

App analytics firm Apptopia on Wednesday said the Disney+ app has been downloaded 3.2 million times since launch. Drawing any comparisons between its performance and that of the Netflix app at launch are virtually impossible, however, because when Netflix’s app launched, streaming and mobile weren’t nearly as big as they are today.

Disney reportedly said in its press release that it has no plans to release further subscriber numbers until its next quarterly earnings call. That’s expected to take place in February considering the most recent earnings call occurred last week.

Disney app courtesy JL IMAGES

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