Digital Trends Live: Disney+, Snap Spectacles 3, Google Stadia’s Lineup

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Ryan Waniata discuss the biggest-trending tech topics of the day, including a shaky start for Disney+, the Snap Spectacles 3 launch, Google’s “Project Nightingale,” Google Stadia’s lineup, a foldable bike, and more.

We then welcome Dávid Lakatos, chief product officer of Formlabs, to talk about 3D-printed dentures, as well as the company’s launch of a dental business unit and the Form 3B printer, an advanced desktop 3D printer optimized for biocompatible materials.

Daniel Daneshvar, a medical adviser at TeachAids, discusses how it is educating kids about concussions, as well as explaining the long-tern effects of head trauma.

We then dive into the world of home security with DT Smart Home Editor John Velasco, who joins us from New York to talk about how Google’s new Nest Aware could disrupt the industry when it launches next year.

Nibler then speaks with Riggs Eckelberry, founder and chief executive officer of OriginClear, an innovative water technology company that is devising water infrastructure solutions for industrial customers worldwide.

Ari Rastegar, founder and CEO of Rastegar Property, joins the program to discuss biohacking, how to get started, and the benefits of reaching optimal health.

We’re then visited by the legendary Bill Oakley, former writer and showrunner for The Simpsons, who shares his personal favorite episodes, and talks about how all 31 seasons are now available on Disney+.

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