Detroit: Become Human is heading to the PC on December 12


Bottom line: Developer Quantic Dream on Tuesday revealed that futuristic thriller Detroit: Become Human will be heading to the PC next month. If you’re into the interactive storytelling genre, this game is certainly worth a look… as are two of Quantic Dream’s earlier titles.

The interactive drama is slated to launch in the Epic Games Store on December 12 priced at £29.99, or around $38. Quantic Dream will also put out a playable demo featuring the game’s opening scene for players to test drive before parting with their money.

Detroit: Become Human launched exclusively on the PlayStation 4 in May 2018. The story follows three androids and it’s up to you to make choices that’ll impact their future well-being. “Every decision the player makes, no matter how minute, affects the outcome of the story,” Quantic Dream notes. This variability leads to enhanced replayability that you simply don’t get with traditional, linear titles.

It is Quantic Dream’s most successful game to date with over three million copies sold and multiple awards won but far from its only standout title.

Fahrenheit (launched as Indigo Prophecy in North America) arrived in late 2005 as the studio’s second major title and was a real masterpiece of storytelling. A remastered version arrived a few years back for Windows, Linux, OS X, Android and iOS although the latter was removed from the App Store due to compatibility issues with iOS 11.

Quantic Dream is also responsible for Heavy Rain, another excellent interactive drama that you can easily sink many hours into. It’s available for PS3, PS4 and Windows PC.

Masthead credit: Detroit: Become Human cosplay by Timo Nausch


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