Current Skincare Routine! (Acne & Dry) All-Natural/Organic/Cruelty-Free | TERI MIYAHIRA

Hi it’s Teri! 🙂 Please watch in HD! Thanks for clicking on this video! ********************************************************************************************************************…

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  1. I discovered your channel only yesterday night and decided to gradually switch to a natural beauty care. I’m so happy to have found someone with a similar skin type as mine – dry and acne prone! And I really like your style 😊 Can’t wait to watch all your past videos 😁

  2. Love Radha Rosehip oil! Helped lighten pigmentation and helped with breakouts..but not as much as Grapeseed oil. It took the place of Rosehip for me! I saw a big change in my skin. My skin is originally oily but due to acne treatments it's very dehydrated (and still acne prone)

  3. I contacted Lush inquiring about their "fragrance" in their ingredients and they told me they do not use any synthetic fragrances except for synthetic musk. The "fragrance" in their labels is just a blend of different essential oils. Good for those of us who avoid synthetic fragrances!

  4. Hi Teri, I'm one of your new subbies 🙂 I would be honoured if you could check and support my new channel. Thanks in advance and greetings from London <3

  5. I'm the same! Dry and breakout prone. I don't have cystic or a lot of hormonal acne, rather, my skin tends to not like ANYTHING I put on it. Excuse the length of this message lol, but my holy grail face oils are Vintners Daughter Serum and Agent Nateur HoliOil. Both are $$$ but they're the only things I found that work so effectively! On top of that I use the most hydrating cream I ever used: Age Defying Extracts from The All Natural Face. It's cheap and I found nothing that hydrates more. Their website doesn't look the best but that product is beyond. Omega 3 supplements and multivitamin helped with my dryness. Taking collagen protein and l-glutamine is giving me MAJOR GLOW O_O. At first the collagen gave me 2-3 bumps along my jawline but then it cleared, it was worth it.

    Edit: for second cleanse I use dirt cheap product called Dr Woods Tea Tree Soap. It works like MAGIC for pimples, but major downside, it's drying, so i dilute it with water and use a tiny bit and it's fine.

  6. I also like to rotate products all the time!! And the thing is that I never know wich one worked to diminish the appearance of my lines.. ha ha! I'm 38 and I love Skincare! Excellent vid! Because I never heard of that Ulta exclusive brand! Definitely I will check it out!

  7. Hi Teri, I have dry, acne prone skin too! I recently switched my cleanser to josh rosebrook's complete moisture cleanse, and it leaves me skin feeling clean, so soft and moisturized. Definitely recommend!

  8. Does the SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Face Milk Cleanser remove makeup? Or do you need a separate makeup remover? Does it sting your eyes/take off mascara?

  9. My skin is dry and acne prone as yourself, I haven't really found my holy grail products yet I'm trying to transition to green products so the options you gave in the video I will be giving them a try cause my face is breaking out and has not calmed down for like three months straight and I use to have it under control with murad acne products but I'm running out but my skin hasn't been reacting to it anymore, so good thing is the bad products are almost out so I can begin with better products and I switched my face creme to raw Shea butter which has helped my skin and has made my makeup application soooooo nice, but I'll be checking out some other products. Thanks Teri! 🤗🤗💋