Coronavirus Odisha News: Coal India to set up 500 bed COVID hospital in Odisha

Coal India subsidiary, Mahanadi Coalfields will finance a 500 bedded state-of-the-art COVID hospital in Odisha’s Bhubaneshwar that is scheduled to become operational in a fortnight. To this effect Mahanadi Coalfields has signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding with the government of Odisha & SUM Hospital Management. SUM hospital will provide required services to establish and operate the medical facility for management and treatment of COVID-I9 cases. It will provide 25 beds with critical care facilities and 500 numbers of inpatient beds.

“Coal India will be responsible for compensating and reimbursing the costs of the SUM Hospital in the management of Odisha COVID hospitals. It will finance the cost of buying beds and equipment,” an executive from Mahanadi Coalfields said. “There was an urgent need to strengthen the healthcare system particularly for COVID-I 9 suspected and affected persons in the state. The conventional standard response to disasters is inadequate to handle this novel virus, which is causing havoc throughout the world. Global experience shows that COVID-19 patients need to be put under observation and treatment in a separate hospital, instead of a general hospital, minimising the chance of transmission to others.”

As part of the understanding the state shall coordinate and support all parties to reduce bottlenecks, if any. It will depute officers to undertake supervision of the Odisha COVID hospital, facilitate the smooth management of the healthcare facility and in contingent circumstances, offer financial assistance for management and operation of the state COVID Hospitals.

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