Coronavirus India cases: India’s coronavirus numbers surge past 10,000 mark


The official number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in India crossed the 10,000 mark in the past 24 hours, data released by the Union Health Ministry showed.

As per figures made available at 8 am today, the latest count of confirmed cases is 10,363. The number of the dead is 339, while more than a thousand (1,039) people have been declared as cured/discharged/migrated.

Maharashtra accounted for most cases by far (2,334 confirmed cases/160 dead), followed by Delhi (1,510/28) and Tamil Nadu (1,173/11). Other states with a high virus hit included Rajasthan (873 cases), Madhya Pradesh (604), Telangana (562), Uttar Pradesh (558), etc.

Meanwhile, the global number of the infected continued the rapid race towards the 20 lakh mark. According to the numbers available in the morning hours, the total world count stood at 19,19,913, with 1,19,666 dead.


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