coronavirus delhi | Delhi, Case No. 10: How coronavirus may have been spreading stealthily but rapidly

If you want to know the power and speed of the novel coronavirus, look no further than Delhi’s Case No. 10.

Amid rising anxiety and fear in India over a possible rapid descent into coronavirus-fuelled chaos, reports are emerging about how a case in Delhi has come to exemplify the speed of the disease’s spread.

A story in ToI has detailed the case that involves a Dubai-returned Delhi resident who ended up infecting her near and dear ones and also the doctor who treated her.

Hers is the No. 10 case in Delhi.

Quite a few Delhi coronavirus cases are connected to the woman from Dilshad Garden, government data has showed. Before she was admitted to a hospital with high fever, cough and shortness of breath, she likely infected her mother, two daughters and her brother.

Reports also talk of how the family of the patient was unwilling to cooperate with authorities, and how the help of cops had to be taken to make them fall in line.

The son of the woman, currently self-quarantined at home, has not shown any symptoms of coronavirus so far. But the doctor who treated her became Delhi’s patient number 30, ToI cited sources as saying. Even the daughter and wife of the doctor have exhibited signs of Covid-19, and their test results are awaited.

More than 70 people living in the same locality are currently under coronavirus watch, authorities have revealed. Her mother and brother, who are also infected, live in northeast Delhi’s Jahangirpur, where screenings have begun for traces of likely contagion.

Even more worrying is the fact that the doctor in question attended to many people between the time he treated that woman and the time she tested positive. It has led to fears that the doctor may have possibly spread the contagion, unwittingly, to many.

Authorities are rushing to find out the names and whereabouts of people who had visited the doctor during that period. According to reports, the number of such people could be nearly a hundred.

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