Computex 2021: What to expect from Intel, Nvidia, AMD and other brands


Computex 2021 is being held in June this year. However, instead of the usual first week of June timeline, the event will be spread across the entire month. The annual event was first shifted from June to September last year, before being completely cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Now in 2021, TAITRA, the body that organises the event every year hoped to make Computex 2021 an in-person event. However, due to cases popping up again in many parts of the world, the event has been forced to an all-virtual format like many other technology conferences this year. Due to the all-virtual treatment, the event has been stretched across the entire month, officially from May 31 to June 30.

Though many tech brands are expected to make new announcements at the event, big names like AMD, ARM, Intel and Nvidia are planning to deliver their keynotes right at the beginning of the event. Here’s what to expect from these brands this year.


The amped-up ‘Ti’ edition of the Nvidia RTX 30-series graphic cards is expected to be announced at the event. A year after the launch of the original 30 series, the RTX cards have been hard to get your hands on across the globe.

Apart from numerous leaks pointing at future products, Nvidia itself spilt the beans on a new GeForce product on Twitter. Check out the tweet below.

Apart from an RTX 3080 Ti, other products are also expected at the event as there are several Nvidia keynotes on the event docket.


AMD has improved by leaps and bounds over the years and while the company may still not have the volume to prove it, buts it’s desktop and laptop processors in recent times have proved to be some serious competition to Intel entries.

AMD’s latest processors are based on the brand’s Zen-3 architecture and a more advanced Zen-4 architecture is expected to launch in the future. However, the Computex 2021 event could be too early for it. Hence, we expect an update on the AMD Zen-4 tech.

Additionally, AMD could also be launching new APUs, which are in growing demand after the scenario of unavailable graphic cards across the world, including the older Ryzen 3000 series APUs. Other expected launches include more affordable RX 6000 series graphic cards with RDNA 2 or even new Ryzen high-end Threadripper chips.


Intel had recently launched its high-performance Tiger Lake-H power-user CPUs which were first teased back in CES 2021. There were also the 11th Generation Core “Rocket Lake-S” desktop CPU line and the “Tiger Lake” 11th Generation mobile CPUs for thin laptops. With all that launched, the room for new announcements is quite narrow.

We may see Intel drop new HEDT/Core X-Series entries or even finally announce the progress on its own discrete-graphics technology, which it has been working on for several years.

Other expected developments

ARM CEO Simon Segars, as well as Rene Haas of the company’ IP Products Group, will address the conference on June 2 with a talk on “Accelerating Ubiquitous Intelligence”. It is currently unknown if the brand plans on making and solid launches or just a few announcements for future products.

Apart from these, we expect to see new technologies pop up on the storage front, including PCI Express 4.0 SSDs taking a step closer to going mainstream. New external devices that make use of the new Thunderbolt 4 ports could also be expected.


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