Chicken Biryani, Lasagne and Momos: Here’s why Instagrammers are changing their username – more lifestyle

The Internet is abuzz with funny, entertaining challenges to keep up with the lockdown period and the latest one to join the league is the Name Change Prank that has hooked netizens

The idea behind the challenge is to get the user change their name ‘twice’ on Instagram with a prank and replace it with their favourite food item. However, what’s more gripping is that those who fell for this prank are unaware of the catch here i.e. you can’t change it back for another two weeks. So several users are now stuck with user names such as Lasagne, Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, Chilli Chicken, Momos, among other hilarious names.

One of the prank messages that is being circulated states, “Hey! I’m making a video and I want you to be in it. Please set your name (name, not user name) on Insta as your favourite dish in lower caps for example ‘pani puri’ then change it to ‘PANI PURI’ in upper caps and take screenshot and send it to me. Send a screenshot of both upper case and lower case. I am not going to post it or something so don’t worry. It’s going to be damn hilarious so please do it.”

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Gopi Krishnan, a Delhi based project coordinator, who now goes by the name ‘Chicken Biryani’ reveals how he was tricked. He says, “Two girls from my group sent me a message saying they’re working on a coding project and needed a few screenshots for an experiment. I agreed and genuinely offered to help, which is when I changed the name. After sending the screenshots, I tried to rename it and a notification popped up saying that you can only change twice in 14 days. I was like then like ye toh main phas gaya!”.

Another Delhi-resident, Ridhi Madan, a consultant at an MNC who too was pranked and now has to live for another 10 days with her new username ‘Lasagne’ hopes that her friends will get used to it for another 14 days. She says, “Ever since I was tricked into changing the name, I have come across 15-20 profiles with funny and weird food dishes. The reaction from my other friends has been hilarious. I had to put a story to clarify that I was pranked by someone as I had started getting messages for the name change.”

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But what’s making social media users to come up with creative challenges to fend off isolation blues? Arpit Pruthi, a social media expert feels that these challenges and pranks are doing for laughs and also a way to keep youngsters engaged as it is they’re hooked to social media. He says, “People are looking for fun and creative ways to engage with friends in quarantine period. And as the working hours have been stretched to 10-12 hours a day, this is a great and fun challenge to entertain and pass the time.”

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