Chelsea players face fines of £20,000 for turning up late to training | Football

Chelsea’s manager, Frank Lampard, has imposed a strict disciplinary regime on his young squad with a range of hefty fines, including £20,000 for being late for the start of training. Players are also charged £500 for every minute they are late to team meetings.

Any player not reporting an illness or injury before a day off or an hour-and-a-half before training can expect a £10,000 fine, while lateness for treatment, medical appointments or matchday departure will cost £2,500. A phone ringing during a team meal or meeting will set a Chelsea player back £1,000, as will wearing the wrong clothing for team travel or matchdays.

It is understood the leaked list of penalties, which is entitled ‘Chelsea FC first team internal player fines season 2019-20’, is accurate. The list is dated 27 August and signed by Lampard.

The fines are doubled if not paid within 14 days, with the money going towards team activities and charities.

Other fines include £5,000 for not turning up to fulfil corporate or community duties, the same amount for not travelling back from a match on the team coach without giving 48 hours notice and £1,000 for a late appearance at the gym.

Lampard took over at Stamford Bridge in the summer and his strict regime appears to be working, with his side lying third in the Premier League table after a run of six straight wins.

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