ChatGPT now lets you edit AI images created in DALL-E

What just happened? OpenAI has added a couple of new features to its DALL-E image generator, making it more functional and convenient. Firstly, users can now edit their AI-generated images using text prompts when working with DALL-E within ChatGPT. The feature is available on the web and mobile. Secondly, DALL-E now offers preset style suggestions to help users get inspiration on styles when creating images.

The image editing feature allows users to touch up, tweak, refine, add, or remove elements from an AI-generated image without leaving the chat. The editing tools are integrated within the ChatGPT interface on the web, Android, and iOS, but users can also provide a prompt with their desired edit in the conversation panel, without using the selection tool.

In a demo shared on X, OpenAI showed how users can easily add bows to the image of an AI-generated poodle celebrating her birthday. The post demonstrates the feature’s simplicity. Once an image is generated, users can click on the edit options and then choose whether to use the selection tool, which resides on the top-left corner of the editor. It can also be used to highlight the areas that need changing.

As for the new style prompts, they are meant to help DALL-E newbies get started on their creative endeavors if they run out of ideas. As can be seen in the demo, users can pick from a series of preset options, including woodcut, close-up, low-angle, artificial lighting, hand-drawn, gothic, synthwave, and sci-fi, with each option showcased by a pop-up image when you mouse over them. You can choose any one to create an image in that style.

Meanwhile, even as OpenAI goes from strength to strength, its competitor, Stability AI, has been engulfed in chaos. The company’s founder and chief executive, Emad Mostaque, was forced to resign recently amid concerns over its business model. The company was valued at $1 billion in fall 2022, but a new report from Forbes claims that the high infrastructure costs have drained its coffers so badly that it has prevented the firm from paying its bills for the rented cloud GPUs.

Stability AI’s infrastructure backbone is provided by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and CoreWeave, with the company reportedly needing to pay around $99 million a year for all the cloud-based hardware. However, the startup reportedly made just $11 million in sales in all of 2023 and failed to pay its infrastructure bills to the three aforementioned firms. In addition, Stability is also facing copyright infringement lawsuits from Getty and other artists, raising serious concerns over its future.

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