CES 2021: Samsung’s next-gen 4K and 8K TVs come with Neo Mini-LED

Samsung wants to dominate this year’s all-digital CES tech show with its next-generation QLED television models. Its QLED TVs have always been impressive, but this year, Samsung’s new lineup consists of new Neo QLED TVs. Yes, Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs have an improved backlight system based on Mini-LED.

Since Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs are based on a Mini-LED, they promise to deliver better contrast with deeper black levels and precise light control. After TCL, Samsung is the second major company to use Mini-LEDs in its high-profile TVs.

The South Korean tech major, which is also the world’s most popular TV company, says the LEDs used in these TVs are up to 40 times smaller than regular LED TVs with full-array backlighting. Given these Mini-LED TVs pack more LEDs into a smaller space, this results in more accurate backlighting.

The Neo QLED technology will be found in Samsung’s 2021 TV lineup, including the QN900A 8K TV and the QN90A 4K TV. Not to forget Samsung also sells high-end TVs with Micro-LEDs.

What is Mini-LED display tech and why is everyone talking about it?

Samsung’s 2020 TV lineup will support the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The TVs include features like 4K/120fps support as well as a “game bar” with quick access to settings, refresh rate, aspect ratio and more. Interestingly, Samsung also allows you to change the aspect ratio of the TV (21:9 or 32:9) when playing a game.

Samsung Neo QLED TVs, Samsung Mini-LED TVs, Samsung Mini-LED TVs price, Samsung Neo QLED TVs vs QLED, what is Mini LED TV Samsung’s Mini-LED TVs promise to deliver better contrast with deeper black levels and precise light control. (Image credit: Samsung)

Last year, the company debuted Samsung’s Health on the 2020 lineup of TVs. For this year, Samsung will offer guided personal training. When paired with a video camera (Samsung recommends using compatible webcams from Logitech), users will be able to a new “Smart Trainer” feature that tracks them through an interactive fitness class.

Then there is Google Duo video chat support. Using an optional webcam again, one can fire up the Duo app on Samsung TVs and video chat with up to 12 people at a time. Samsung also lets you mirror Google Duo from your smartphone to TV. That’s not all. Samsung is also bringing its Dex feature, which is already available on select Galaxy phones and tablets, to its latest TVs.

Coming alongside its new blockbuster TVs is a redesigned remote, which uses rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. Basically, the remote uses a solar cell. Samsung says this move could save 20 million AAA batteries every year.

Expect Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs to come to the market sometime later this year. Samsung will probably share more info on the price and exact models close to the launch.

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