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New CR app to help staff check tickets on phones

Central Railway has deployed a smartphone app that will allow ticket checking in keeping with social distancing norms amid the coronavirus outbreak, officials said on Friday. The ‘CheckIn Mater’ app, in operation in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, allows ticket checkers to scan codes without having to touch the passenger’s phone, they said.

“It will help them discharge duties without fear, as the app has OCR and QR code scanning features to check PRS and UTS tickets from a safe distance. The app can also be used for attendance and real time monitoring of ticket checking staff. It is Rural Electrification Corporation‘s CSR initiative and has not cost CR any money,” an official said.

CR officials said, in the next phase which will be implemented soon, flap-based gates are planned at entry-exit points with automatic QR-code based ticket checking.

Recently, Mumbai division provided a neckband portable public address system to ticket checking staff enabling them to communicate with passengers.

CR said it was proving helpful in guiding passengers at the station.

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