Cauliflower Buffalo Wings! Raw Vegan Snack Ideas!

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings! Raw Vegan Snack Ideas! These cauliflower wings are vegan and perfect for any event or game day! These pair deliciously with the raw vegan stuffed poblano peppers…

Written by sortiwa

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  1. I tried these and they look a heck of a lot better than they taste, I was not impressed with the seasons of choice. But hey! Everybody’s taste buds are different so I guess it’s worth trying. I personally wouldn’t make them again.

  2. Thanks great recipe I like a food dehydrator but not sure which dehydrators are safe I know the Excalibur may or may not use plastic or BPA can you suggest a reasonably priced dehydrator thanks love you

  3. Hey Kristina been watching ur vids a copule days now, I just want to say any one who thinks ur fat needs to check in to a mental institution immediately, I really don't think you know just how Sexy you really are, I wouldn't care if you gained another 20 pounds you would still be the bombshell so just keep doing your thang lil momma caliente(hottie) for real

  4. awesome, there was a pharma product commercial played just before this saying that the product could be fatal… yet, eating raw food is considered crazy by some… I don't know whether to laugh or cry

  5. The whole reason cauliflower buffalo wings became a vegan trend is that when they're cooked, they get a texture that works well as a base for wings.
    I'm sure these a really delicious and all that, but the texture of raw cauliflower is really different from that of when it's cooked. There's probably something out there that would work better than cauliflower in terms of looking for a RAW wing alternative

  6. i absolutely love Kristina's hapoy cheerful videos, gets me pumping and motivated. for this recipe i would suggest adding in apple cider vinegar around 1-2 tbsps so then thats what it gives its buffalo wings its actual taste