Building a New Office? How to Find the Right Licensed Architect

Are you ready to build a new office for your business? Before you can lay the foundation for your brick and mortar property, you need to find the right architect. This is a process that will involve a considerable amount of effort. But it doesn’t have to be a major pain. Following these steps will help streamline the process.

Check with the American Institute of Architects

One of the best ways to find a licensed architect is to use the internet. For example, if you live in California, you might search for “licensed architect in California.” The results will give you options for licensed architects in your local area.

You could also streamline your search process by going straight to the official AIA website. The American Institute of Architects site is a nationwide listing of thousands of professional architects. This is a great way to get started on finding one that may be a perfect match for your needs.

Talk to Your Peers in the Field

Another way to get solid info about a local licensed architect is to talk to your family, friends, and, especially, your peers in the industry. This latter class of people will very likely have had experience in dealing with architects in your area. They will be the most consistent source of solid info on whom to hire for the job.

Make Arrangements to Take a Sponsored Tour

Did you know that many cities in this country are now hosting specially arranged Many design festivals? These events are sometimes known as “design weeks.” The purpose of these special events is to give a public showcase of the work of local designers as well as architects.

One of the most common events during these tours is an event known as a “house tour.” These tours will normally be held on a specially designated day during the event. A number of houses will be opened up to the public for a walk-through. While such viewing will involve an admission fee, they are well worth it for the info you gather.

Read Plenty of Reviews on the Web

A quick consultation of the AIA website will give you the name and contact info of a professional architect in your area. However, it’s always a good idea to follow this up by checking to see if this person has any major reviews, whether positive or negative in nature. The feedback they get will be a telltale sign of their quality.

The more reviews that you can read, the better the picture you will of the strengths and major qualifications of the architect you are interested in. You will also learn about their demeanor, pricing arrangements, and ability to improvise and adapt on the fly. These are all qualities that it pays to have a good idea in advance.

Go to Their Website to Arrange a Face to Face Meeting

Finding a licensed architect is a relatively easy process. However, there are still many questions that cannot be answered until a face to face meeting is arranged. Your best bet is to log on to their official website in order to arrange for such a get-together. This is your best chance to find out if you are compatible.

A sit-down is a time to discuss your vision for your office. You will naturally want to go over other pertinent details, such as price, length of construction time, and others. This is the final step you need to take before you hire an architect for the job.

Written by sortiwa

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