Bored of Battle Royale? Check out these other multiplayer games you can enjoy with friends

Gaming became a popular part of many people’s everyday lives since the pandemic-induced lockdowns first began in India in 2020. A year later, as we head into what could easily be a second round of multiple lockdowns, gaming with your friends could easily be some of the best stressbusters you could engage in while you stay safe at home.

However, if you’ve had your plate full with battle royale titles like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire and Fortnite, here are ten other fun games that offer a PvP (Player vs Player) multiplayer mode where you can add your buddies as in-game friends and play with them. We have tried including all kinds of titles from action to sports so you have a good variety to choose from.

Among Us (Android+iOS)

Among Us, Among Us is a strategy based game for multiple players (Image Source: Google Play Store)

Okay, most of you have probably heard about Among Us, given the app’s rise to popularity over the last year, but for those new to gaming, the two-dimensional animated game offers a multiplayer experience that tests your observation, memory and persuasion skills all together in one fun game. If you have a large group, you can play Among Us with up to 10 people in the same match, but if you don’t have as many members, you can always add random players from the internet.

Mini Militia (Android+iOS)

Mini Militia, Mini Militia is a 2D combat-based title. (Image Source: Google Play Store)

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is an all-time favourite two-dimensional shooting game that offers great physics with cartoon-like 2D graphics to bring hours of fun. The ability to add your friends over the web means you can enjoy one-on-one battles as well as bring in more players for an all-out deathmatch or split into multiple teams. Simple rules, funny animations, easy-to-grasp controls and lots of weapons and maps to choose from making this game a classic.

Bombsquad (Android+iOS)

Bombsquad, Bombsquad is an animated game with great physics and good gameplay. (Image Source: Google Play Store)

Another action title, Bombsquad gets a little more up close and personal where you and your friends compete in an arena with your own avatars to complete a variety of tasks. While deathmatches allow you to kill everyone else in the funniest ways, including tossing others off the arena, other modes like capture the flag and races are all about strategy and control. Irrespective of what game mode you take, expect hours of fun.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 (PES 2021, Android+iOS)

PES 2021, PES 2021 is a full-fledged football game that offers better gameplay than FIFA Mobile. (Image Source: Google Play Store)

For football fans, if there’s anything better than the joy of enjoying a game on their local ground, it’s a good game of FIFA on their PCs or consoles. However, for those who rely on mobile phones, FIFA Mobile doesn’t offer the same polished experience. That’s where PES 2021 comes in. You can choose your favourite teams and play against friends right from the moment you start the game thanks to an easy in-game friend system.

Football Strike (Android+iOS)

Football Strike, Football Strike is casual football based game. (Image Source: Google Play Store)

Football Strike is another football game for those who want a more casual experience and not the full match thrill of PES 2021. With just two game modes, both based on free-kicks, Football strike is all about accuracy and scoring goals to beat your friends. Rewards come in the form of power-ups and other forms of player avatar customisations.

Head Ball 2 (Android+iOS)

Head Ball 2, Head Ball 2 is another casual football-based title (Image Source: Google Play Store)

Head Ball 2 is another football-based game that’s very different. You focus only on one on one battles again but instead of free-kicks, your head is your primary weapon now. Combine timed strikes, kicks, power-ups and more to score more goals than your opponent to win the game. Plenty of customisation options for your character, and choices of power-ups should keep you and your friends entertained for days.

Tennis Clash (Android+iOS)

Tennis Clash, Tennis Clash is a multiplayer Tennis game with great graphics. (Image Source: Google Play Store)

If Football is not your thing, Tennis Clash is probably the next best, most polished title. Tennis Clash features gorgeous graphics, easy-to-use gameplay mechanics and lets you power up your character as you progress through the game. While it’s very enjoyable going solo and playing against random opponents from the web, adding your friends and challenging them to a quick match is even more fun.

Pocket Tanks (Android+iOS)

Pocket Tanks, Pocket Tanks is a strategy-based turn-by-turn game. (Image Source: Google Play Store)

Pocket Tanks is another long time favourite for many people and is still an enjoyable game, years after its original release. This turn-by-turn strategy-based game is the right mix of a puzzle game and an action title. Players must locate their enemy, judge the right combination of power and angle to strike them and be the last tank standing to win.

8 Ball Pool (and other Miniclip games, Android+iOS)

8 Ball Pool, 8 Ball Pool is a casual Pool game that you can play online. (Image Source: Google Play Store)

Miniclip has a bunch of casual games that you can enjoy playing with your friends. These include popular titles like 8 Ball Pool, where you must clear the table using your pool skills before your opponent to win. There’s also Bowling King, where you bowl down the alley and beat your friends by scoring more than them.

Ludo King (Android+iOS)

Ludo King, Ludo King is a board game that players can enjoy with up to three friends at a time. (Image Source: Google Play Store)

Nothing brings back those old summer vacation memories like a good game of Ludo. While playing Ludo offline with your friends right now isn’t the best idea, Ludo King lets you enjoy the same experience in an easy-to-use online avatar.

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