Blogilates Worst of the Fitness Industry Round 2

I’m going round 2 with Blogilates. I’ve already criticized her diet advice before but now that she’s switched to a more plant based method of eating is her diet still all that bad? Intro:…

Written by sortiwa

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  1. I don't know why, but you look like a man when you're portraying a man, and you look like a girl when you're portraying a girl(just the face)… which is honestly pretty impressive… kudos to you

  2. If you don't like her diet then don't follow it. Her workouts are great and she has an amazing personality. Vegan Gains is being rude , you didn't have to go there to prove a point. It's totally uncalled for.

  3. Not saying that veganism isnt the way to go, but the cholesterol numbers he posted about the fish and chicken salad that she ate seem very exaggerated.

  4. The most terrifying part of consuming meat is that all that pure hate, fear, and sadness is transmitted to you from the fresh you eat. Chemicals that corrupt your being that you let, invading your fresh. The suffering and depression from the animals is the last members of the life that was taken for the taste of a delicious burger. The sick fresh is fry, baked, cook, and grilled. You eat pure corrupt flesh. Yummy.

  5. Does this dude actually have good sources that are peer reviewed or actual scientific research cause if this dude had sources that are credible and knew a little about nutrition he would know that eggs help the HDL cholesterol which helps clean out the arteries of the heart. Eggs also helps lower LDH cholesterol which clogs the arteries of the heart. So please vegan gains look into your sources before you start bashing other people with your fitness ideas.

  6. Dude, read the articles you're citing via video. You are NOT taking into account other variables which contribute to heart disease. You state your stance so cut and dry and in reality this is not the truth. Eggs are indeed very healthy if consumed in moderation. One's risk of all chronic disease(s) is multifactorial. I like your channel and find it entertaining, but you are incorrect. Further, I do think that you should state you have no academic credentials. This is clear with you misinterpreting the first study alone that you screenshot. READ THE LAST SENTENCE IN THE "INTERPRETATION"! The researchers are stating that further studies are required.

    The point I'm making is that no one diet is definitive for all. We can cite all the studies we want but in the end there are far more factors than just diet. As well, if one eats meat(s) they may consume very little, or perhaps once a week and yet they are still (most likely) an omnivore of whom will be lumped with other meat eaters in any study. Sorry but it's not that cut and dry. I certainly agree that eating particular animal products in EXCESS in accordance with environment and stress management as well as physical labor, all of varying degrees per individual, can lead to worse health outcomes. I take issue with veganism being sold as "the way" to a long and disease-free life.

    Chronic stress and environment interacting with diet is a stronger indicator of potential heart disease. America is a population fraught with chronic stress. Chronic stress, elevated cortisol and other hormones activated by the sympathetic nervous system, overload it actually, and contribute to heart disease via chronic inflammation, and adverse blood coagulation activities. It doesn't matter what you eat. As well, one's DNA or familial traits will also come into play and again it depends on one's stress levels within a given environment. Again, chronic stress will stoke, aid, or create depression and anxiety in individuals which in turn build into more SNS hyperactivity. Diet alone is not the key to avoiding heart disease. Psychological health and chronic stress management is the key.

  7. Not true about the eggs. You can be vegan and that's fine but don't go around slandering meat, fish and eggs like it's the plague. You can eat up to three or four eggs every day and you would not have any serious risk factors. Not to mention, eggs are actually good for you, eggs white are better though. Please don't stick to biased websites that promote your lifestyle, otherwise you'll give off false information, not every study is correct.
    Iunno, lukewarm response to this video as i don't see it as very intelligent. You stick to very biased studies that promote your view and no studies that could counter you even though simply through existing and living we as humans have proved that we live just fine on an omnivorous diet and health/heart risks are largely linked to genetics.