Blizzard wants to know if it’s okay to charge $100 for Diablo 4 DLC


WTF?! Blizzard, a company infamous for packing as many microtransactions as possible into its games, could charge up to $100 for Diablo 4 expansion Vessel of Hatred. The company has been sending out surveys to gauge players’ response to potential price points and what each one entails for next year’s DLC.

The Blizzard survey was shared by a fan and reported by YouTube channel Bellular News. It asks questions about pricing for future Diablo 4 DLC and expansions, and while Vessel of Hatred is not mentioned specifically, Blizzard never revealed how much the first expansion will cost when it was announced last month.

The four price tags in the survey are $50, $70, $80, and $100. For comparison, Cyberpunk 2077’s excellent Phantom Liberty cost an eyebrow-raising $30.

Blizzard writes that each price point comes with added extras in addition to the expansion. Two of the tiers give players access to an NPC character who offers access to your stash and gold pickups one season before the feature launches for everyone.

Some tiers also include early access to a functional item which is described as a unique piece of gear or a Legendary aspect before it’s released. Again, that gear could arrive a season early for buyers.

Other bonuses at different price points include cosmetics such as hero and town portal skins, extra stash space, a set amount of in-game Platinum each season along with an instant amount, and wings that can be equipped on a character.

As was the case with Diablo 4, another bonus is giving buyers early access to the expansion. The list also mentions a unique mount other than a horse that evolves with achievements, as well as unique mount armor. It’s worth noting that the $50 and $70 include the Diablo IV base game.

Surveys like these are mostly to test the waters when it comes to pricing and features, so a lot could change before Vessel of Hatred arrives, especially as there’s already been a lot of anger over some of the prices and the functional content that’s available if you’re willing to pay for it.


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