Best Samsung Black Friday TV Deals: 4K TVs, 8K TVs, and QLED TVs

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There’s never been a better time to buy a brand-new Samsung QLED 4K TV. Why? Because the manufacturer has just discounted its entire range, starting with the bottom-of-the-barrel Q60R right up to the top-of-the-line Q90R to celebrate Black Friday. Better yet, it reassured Digital Trends that these offers will run through the shopping bonanza, so there’s no risk of waking up on Friday, November 29 and finding them listed on its website cheaper.

What’s more, these reductions see Samsung’s QLED 4K TVs the cheapest they’ve ever been. Seriously — pricing starts at just $600 for a 49-inch, $700 for a 55-inch, $1,000 for a 65-inch, and $1,500 for a 75-inch at the most basic level. Don’t have that kind of cash to blow? You’ll be pleased to hear that all of them are available with interest-free, 36-month financing, starting at just $16/month for the 49-inch and maxing out at $42/month for the 75-inch.

Of course, those figures are for the base Samsung Q60R. But don’t let that deter you. While the Samsung Q90R is king, the Samsung Q60R is still a significant step up from a regular LED 4K TV and unless you had the entire QLED series in the same room, you wouldn’t know what you’re missing out on. So don’t think you’re cheaping out by opting for the Q60R — it’s leaps and bounds ahead of the LED 4K TV you were looking at for the same price.

And that’s what’s truly special here. At their usual price, Samsung’s QLED 4K TVs are considered overkill for the average consumer — and that’s because they’d have had to fork out $800 to put a 43-inch model at the center of their setup. But for as little as $700 for a 55-inch, they’re now on par with their LED counterparts and this makes them something of a must-have. After all, we all appreciate better color reproduction and more detail, don’t we?

Here are all the best Samsung Black Friday TV deals.

Best Samsung QLED 4K TV Black Friday Deals

So, what’s the difference between the top-of-the-line Q90R, the middle-of-the-road Q80R and Q70R, and the bottom-of-the-barrel Q60R on offer? Not a huge amount, really. Aside from the obvious design differences, the most notable differentiation is that the Q60R has an edge-lit backlight, so it can’t quite reach the same contrast levels as the other three — so it doesn’t make detail pop quite as well. But again, it’s miles ahead of a regular LED TV.

The Q90R, Q80R, and Q70R, on the other hand, all have what’s known as a full-array backlight, which can shut off sections of the screen to achieve a darker black level. What sets them aside from each other is the number of dimming zones each model has. The Q70R has a total of 48, versus the 96 on the Q80R and the 480 on the Q90R. All this means is the Q90R can ship off more individual parts of the screen to produce more accurate contrast.

The rest is all rather basic. All four have Samsung’s Quantum Processor on board. This is used to not only power the so-called ‘UHD Engine’ that transforms standard HD and Full HD content into 4K Ultra HD, but also to drive the preloaded Tizen OS smart software, which serves as an instant portal to all the leading streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, and Netflix — no set-top box or streaming stick required.

Keen to learn more about the how the Q90R, Q80R, Q70R, and Q60R differ? Here’s how they compare on paper.

Samsung Q60R Samsung Q70R Samsung Q80R Samsung Q90R
Backlight Edge-lit Full-Array Full-Array Full-Array
Dimming Zones 48 96 480
Refresh Rate 120Hz (Native) 120Hz (Native) 120Hz (Native) 120Hz (Native)
HDMI Ports 4 4 4 4
Smart Software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Q Ultra Wide Angle Yes Yes
4K Upscaler UHD Engine UHD Engine UHD Engine UHD Engine

It’s at this level that the differences will really only matter to die-hard film buffs. For the average viewer who’s just looking for something to tune into the latest must-see Netflix Original or maybe even a movie or two over the weekend, the Q60R is bound to impress. While those after the best viewing experience possible will have their fate decided by their budget — even on sale, there’s a considerable gap between the Q70R, Q80R, and Q90R.

Best Samsung 4K TV Black Friday Deals

Don’t need that kind of viewing power? You’ll feel right at home with a standard 4K TV. There are several on sale right now, and while they aren’t included in Samsung’s Black Friday sale, they’re each a good deal in their own right. Just keep in mind that these could show up with some hefty savings by the time the price-cutting festivities are in full swing at the end of the month, so it could well be worth waiting before pulling the trigger.

Best Samsung 8K TV Black Friday Deals

For those looking to take their home entertainment setup to the next level, Samsung has slashed the price of its flagship Q900R 8K TV. Keep in mind, though, that 8K content is few and far between, so you will be betting on networks adopting it in the future. We should also note that 4K Ultra HD has only just ventured into the mainstream and there’s a lot of work to be done before 8K Ultra HD replaces it, so purchasing an 8K TV now is outright risky.

As such, we’d recommend taking your budget and pouring it into the best QLED you can find: The Samsung Q90R — it’ll serve you better in the long run, and you won’t run the risk of owning an 8K TV that could become antiquated before 8K Ultra HD becomes the new broadcasting standard, if it ever does. But if you have your heart set on the crème de la crème, it doesn’t hurt to know it’s on sale from now through Black Friday (November 29).

Bargain hunters on the lookout for more unmissable deals should peruse our list of the top Black Friday sales. We’ll be updating it from now through the event, so we’d recommend making it your one-stop shop for all the latest savings. More interested in Cyber Monday 2019? We have a list for that, too. To keep up with the latest offers in real time, follow DT Deals on Twitter. There, we share the latest offers as soon as we finish vetting them.

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