Best Resources to Use for Your Daughter’s COVID-19 Wedding

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many challenges upon people all over the world. Worst of all, we could all really use a reason to get together and celebrate, but your daughter has to cancel one of the most special events of her life. To make sure that her wedding day is still a joyous event loaded with friends and family, there are tools available to help.

Location Issues

Start by moving the venue appointment. Make sure the venue holder will accept any monies you’ve already put down to reserve your new date. Carefully review your contract to see if there is coverage in the event of a force majeure or act of God. Fire and flood are generally covered; pandemics may not be.

Day of Service Confirmation

Once the venue availability date is confirmed, make sure the Day of Service vendors can be there. Contact the florist and the caterer to make sure they’re aware of the new date and are still available. Check-in with the musicians for the first event and get on their schedule. Be ready to switch away from any service provider who can’t make the date so that everyone will come together to make her new wedding day work.

If your wedding colors are tied to a specific flower, double-check with the florist to make sure that flower and color will still be available. Lilacs are a great option for an April wedding but may be unavailable if the wedding has to move to September. Keep the purple bridesmaid’s dresses and be ready to switch to another flower. Ask the florist to make up a silk arrangement for the gift table featuring her first choice if necessary.

Guest List

If you’ve already mailed invites, transmit the new date via multiple avenues. If you have a wedding Facebook or website, ensure to put the new date up there first and ask everyone to RSVP via that platform. Next, start an email campaign. If she truly doesn’t hear back from those previously invited, send out a simple update card with the website, phone number, and email. Make sure to put this card in an envelope to protect privacy.

If any of the guests declined during the shelter-in-place order, make sure to invite them again. COVID-19 is a particularly deadly risk to those with health issues, and guests who couldn’t consider attending before may be able to join now. Be ready to get on the phone to collect RSVPs so you can have a good headcount for the venue space and the caterers.

Wedding Day Finery

If her dress is still at the store, ask if they will hold it for her until she needs it. They have the facilities to keep it safe and avoid crumpling or damage. If they can’t, be ready to clear out a closet in your current home so you can store it without crushing it. You might also check with the person hired to do the alterations to see if they have space to keep it safe. There may be a small fee for this storage, but if your closet space is limited, it could well be worth the money.

Make sure that other items she purchased for her Special Day, such as Badgley Mischka shoes, gloves, veil, makeup, and hair accessories are all carefully stored away in one spot. Keep everything wrapped up so it doesn’t get dusty or crushed while you wait.

Plan to Overcome Uncertainty

If COVID-19 spikes again there may still be a risk to her, her fiancé, and your collective loved ones on the new wedding date. Carefully consider the guest list. If there are any people on the guest list who you really want to attend who may be at risk, consider asking all the guests to mask for the first part of the day to protect elderly loved ones and those with compromised immune systems. Her beloved grandparents may not be able to give her a hug, but they can enjoy the wedding in relative safety if all of the guests are willing to join in protecting them.

Weddings take a lot of planning and work. Having to move the date due to a planet-wide health crisis is particularly problematic if there are friends and family traveling to the event. Reschedule as early as possible and do your best to include as many people as you can on her big day.

Written by sortiwa

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