Best Mac apps: the best macOS apps for your Apple computer

The best Mac apps are here to make your macOS High Sierra experience better than that of someone using Windows or Linux. After all, it’s the Mac software that keeps us brand loyalists coming back to the Jony Ive-designed catalog of expensive goodies. While Apple packs plenty of useful apps pre-installed on every Mac, there’s a lot more out there than immediately meets the eye.

The best Mac apps span a number of different categories, so admittedly not everything on this list is going to tickle your fancy. There’s Atom, a text editor designed for coders, which is obviously going to appeal to a limited audience compared to something like Evernote – the best note-taking app, hands down. 

They aren’t all available on the Mac App Store, but they are all worth your consideration. Without further ado, keep reading to the next slide for the best Mac apps you can download today. From freebies to costlies, these are the applications that will breathe new life into your MacBook or Mac desktop in 2018.

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