Beginners Guide To Fermentation: Kombucha Making

Welcome to the first ferment of this series! we are starting off strong with not only one of the simplest fermentations for beginners but one of the most rewarding. In this video you will learn…

Written by sortiwa

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  1. Can you use alkaline water to make Kombucha. I went a got everything I need to make my first batch at home and I just realized I only have alkaline water and just want to know if I need to get something else instead before I start the process.

  2. I've tried kombucha and to me it tastes like alcohol. So my words of wisdom is if you like the taste of booze and you don't want to get hammered and suffer the consequences then kombucha is the way to go.

  3. The best home made "kambooha" flavors I ever had were ginger and white grape with tarragon leaves. With the ginger flavro, simply fine die some some fresh ginger and get a garlic crusher and just simply add the juice from the ginger right into the bottles one at a time. Best ever and so simple. Next, take like 5-6 FRESH tarragon leave and put them into each bottle and crush white grape juice into each. Let it sit over night or at least 6 hours and then pass through a tight screen strainer to remove the leaves. your'er welcome in advance 😀

  4. Hey i started to make my own Kombucha and it’s been a week and i haven’t touched it until the 7th day and when i took a look at it , it had a lay of something (idk what it is) at the top. Is it a new scoby maybe or i might have messed up in the process doing something. How long do let your scoby fermente?

  5. okay, i have a question or maybe a few??? so i made my scobi from a store bought Kamboucha, it grew nice i think!!? and then i used that one to make the official batch, and it seemed okay, just not sure the second scobi that grew was only paper thin is that okay???? and the second one is now just like that one very thin scobi!!! so now i have the origianl mother with 2 paper thin scobies, and my kambocha tasts okay i'mean i like it but it has no fizz or bubbles 🙁 any advice??

  6. also if you want to avoid the bursting bottles, get a densiometer, and check for the original and final density of the brew, same as with beer, if there is too much sugar in the brew, so a high density, it will most likely produce more gas than expected and make the bottle burst