Back To 1942 (WAR Movie – Adrien Brody) – Trailer

Officiel Full Length Trailer of Back To 1942 Movie, starring Adrian Brody, Tim Robbins and Fan Xu. A deadly drought in 1942 takes its toll on central China’s …


Written by sortiwa


  1. Do not write a lie.
    Qing dynasty defeat by the Xinhai Revolution, China has been split by Military clique.

    Military clique was repeated conflict, the looted from Democide each other.
    Imperial Japan was salvation the Manchu, made a Manchuria country to Manchu of land Pu Yi as Emperor.

    Chiang Kai-shek was partnered with Roosevelt in Chongqing.
    Mao Zedong has partnered with Stalin.
    This two men was "Asian traitor".

    Sun Yat-sen and Wang Jingwei studied to Imperial Japan, had partnered with Imperial Japan.

    By the request of the Sun Yat-sen and Wang Jingwei, The Japanese government was allowed to garrison troops in China.
    It was Not Invasion. Not a colony.

    Then, in order to save China from "Opium Narcotics Trade" by Western Empires, And tried to expel the Western Empires from China in partnership with Imperial Japan.

    Had done the "Opium Narcotic Trade" in China was Western Empires.
    Not Imperial Japan.

    "Empire of Japan, Manchukuo, the Republic of China(孫文&汪兆銘) Basic Treaty" ,
    and "Empire of Japan, Manchukuo, Republic of China(孫文&汪兆銘 Sun Yat-sen and Wang Jingwei.) Joint Declaration"
    <Record of Evidence>

  2. What a silly!
    This movie is depicted as if all miseries were brought by Japanese invasion.
    But if you know the fact,you will be thoroughly disgusted.

    Firstly this movie is based on Liu Zhenyun's novel "Remembering 1942" that gave rise to a public controversy. Because he described real history that it was Chinese Army who caused the famine and ironically it was Japanese army who saved starved Chinese people.Nevertheless the story is intentionally distorted as usual in China.

    Secondly as you can see in this movie Chinese were always quarreling each other rather than helping each other.We all who live in advanced democratic country know it is very important to help each other and that is the basis of modernized society.

    However Chinese never understand it was their lack of cooperative mind and lack of moral to fail modernizing their society.On the contrary they always blame Japan for their own failure or lack of ability to build modernized society.They have been making poor excuse that it was Japan to hinder China modernizing and if there had been no Japan,China could have build modernized strong country already.

    I think unless Chinese change their mind and stop to blame Japan,they cannot build normal democratic society forever.

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  6. Fyi, YouTube was allowed till the big riot in '09, in which then China just "blocked" all social networking websites to prevent the riot organizers to do another major riot. YouTube and all the other sites can be easily bypassed with a VPS network. The reason I know this is because I did this last summer in while I was on vacation there and also the Chinese Artists I follow uses youtube and facebook still.

  7. Do you have water in your head? We Chinese have immigrated all across the world, England, France, Germany, America, Western, Europe, Eastern Asia, you will find us EVERYWHERE (I live in Canada), and perhaps I don't know what real communism is, but we still think North Korea 's government is nuts if they want to take on the south or the US, plus their people live like how we do in the cold war, no new technology at all, they only have a small idea on the outside world.

  8. Not really.. Freedom is the same sort of… USA is more polluted on visible side, china has fucking dirty air.. In the cities at least.

  9. Again, North Korea is NO where near communist. You don't know what communism is, and saying you're chinese on youtube just gives it away, you may have chinese heritage but you certainly are not Chinese. China does not have Youtube. I spent time in China this summer, really amazing country.

  10. What are you dumb? North Korea is far from Communism, I don't get why americans think of Communism as Facism. It's the most fucking peacful way of life.

  11. lets not compare suffering. WWII was a brutal, horrible war, started by evil people with the motives of pure aggression and imperialism.