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The Supreme Court on Saturday pronounced that the Ram Temple will come up in the disputed land in Ayodhya, while Muslims will get an alternative land measuring five acres. Delivering the Ayodhya verdict, CJI Ranjan Gogoi on Saturday underlined that law must stand apart over political considerations, religion and beliefs.Justice Gogoi, who heads the five-judge Constitution Bench set up to decide the decades-old land dispute in the Ramjanmabhoomi Babri case, said the court, as a secular institution, should uphold all beliefs and religion.Justice Gogoi has said that the constitution bench’s verdict on Ayodhya is “unanimous”.

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2:20 pm IST

Whatever has happened is in interest of nation: Ajmer Sharif Dargah Dewan

“This is nobody’s victory or defeat. We should accept the verdict of the Supreme Court. Whatever has happened, is in the interest of the nation and we should put an end to the dispute right here,” Syed Zainul Abedin, Ajmer Sharif Dargah Dewan said on Ayodhya verdict, news agency ANI reported.

2:10 pm IST

Muslims deceived by political parties: Owaisi

Expressing his concerns with the Supreme Court ruling on Ayodhya verdict and Congress’s reaction to the judgment, Asaduddin Owaisi said that Muslims have been deceived by political parties.

2:05 pm IST

Let’s leave past behind and move towards building an India of peace:

“Further to today’s unanimous verdict by 5 Judge bench of Supreme Court on Ayodhya issue, let’s leave the past behind and move towards building an India of peace, harmony & prosperity. India is the winner from this judgement. Our desire and ability to live together has triumphed,” said M Venkaiah Naidu in a tweet.

1:55 pm IST

On Ayodhya ruling, Asaduddin Owaisi says SC supreme but not infallible

On Ayodhya ruling, Asaduddin Owaisi said the Supreme Court is supreme but not infallible

1:45 pm IST

Ayodhya verdict historic, balanced and judicious: Prakash Javadekar

“The judgement of the Honourable Supreme Court on #Ayodhya is historic, balanced & judicious. I am sure that everyone will welcome it,” Union minister Prakash Javadekar tweeted.

1:34 pm IST

Hindu brothers should help in the construction of the Masjid as well: Ramdev

“This is a historic verdict. A grand Ram temple will be built. Decision to allot alternative land to Muslims is welcomed, I believe Hindu brothers should help in the construction of the Masjid as well,” Baba Ramdev said reacting to Ayodhya verdict by Supreme Court.

1:20 pm IST

Prohibitory orders in sensitive areas of Punjab, situation normal

Punjab imposed prohibitory orders in certain sensitive areas in view of the Ayodhya verdict on Saturday. Additional forces have been deployed in the communally sensitive town of Malerkotla in Sangrur district though the situation across the state is normal. “Internet, transport and all other services are running smoothly,” ADGP, law and order, Ishwar Singh said.

1:18 pm IST

Better late than never: Mohan Bhagwat

“Earlier attempts to mediate were not successful, attempts were made, but they didn’t work out for whatever reasons. Better late than never.

Whatever the court has said will be examined. The land has to be given by the government. We want the acrimony to end. Our wish has been fulfilled,” RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said after Supreme Court’s ruling on Ayodhya.

1:14 pm IST

May the spirit of unity, togetherness power development of nation: PM Modi

“The calm and peace maintained by 130 crore Indians in the run-up to today’s verdict manifests India’s inherent commitment to peaceful coexistence.

May this very spirit of unity and togetherness power the development trajectory of our nation. May every Indian be empowered,” tweeted PM Modi after Ayodhya verdict.

1:10 pm IST

Amit Shah directs CMs to review security measures

Home minister Amit Shah has spoken to the CMs of some states to review the security in the wake of Ayodhya verdict. The states have been asked to maintain law and order, officials said.

1:07 pm IST

Unity of nation upheld: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said that Supreme Court’s ruling on Ayodhya upholds unity of nation.

“We accept the Supreme order. We should end this dispute now,” he added.

1:03 pm IST

RSS chief welcomes Ayodhya verdict

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat welcomed Supreme Court’s Ayodhya ruling. He urged the people to abide by law and maintain peace and harmony.

“We should forget the past and work together to construct the temple,” he said.

1:00 pm IST

Sri Sri Ravishankar welcomes Ayodhya verdict

“This is a historic judgement, I welcome it. This case was going on for a long time and finally it has reached a conclusion. Peace and harmony should be maintained in society,” Sri Sri Ravishankar was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

12:55 pm IST

Ayodhya verdict tells us importance of legal system to solve any dispute: PM

“The Supreme Court order is important for many reasons. It tells us the importance of legal system to solve any dispute. All sides were given ample time to present their arguments. The temple of justice has amicably solved the decades-old issue,” the Prime Minister said on Ayodhya ruling.

12:50 pm IST

Ayodhya verdict shouldn’t be seen as a victory or defeat: PM

The Supreme Court has given its verdict on Ayodhya, it shouldn’t be seen as a victory or defeat for anybody. Appeal to all countrymen to maintain peace,calm and unity: PM Modi

12:48 pm IST

After acquiring 67 acres of our land, giving us only 5: Kamaal Faruqi

Kamaal Faruqi of All India Muslim Personal Law Board reacted to Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict saying 67 acres of their land was acquired and now giving them only five acre land makes no sense. “How is this fair?”, he was quoted by news agency ANI.

12:40 pm IST

Grateful to all institutions: Amit Shah

Amit Shah said he was grateful to all the institutions, the saint community, and those hundreds of unknown people who worked hard for years for a resolution of the Ram Janmabhoomi dispute.

12:30 pm IST

‘Historic decision’ says Amit Shah on Supreme Court’s Ayodhya ruling

Reacting to the Supreme Court ruling on Ayodhya land title dispute, home minister Amit Shah said that it’s a historic decision.

“Today’s judgement brings to an end the decades-long legal dispute. I compliment the country’s judicial system and all the judges,” he said.

12:26 pm IST

No party can take credit for Ayodhya judgment: Shiv Sena

Minutes before the Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya land title dispute suit was pronounced, Siv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said that neither the Centre nor any political party can take credit for the judgment.

12:20 pm IST

Former VHP chief Praveen Togadiya welcomes Ayodhya verdict

Former Vishwa Hindu Parishad chief, Praveen Kumar Togadiya who is among the prominent Temple movement warriors, has welcomed the Supreme Court verdict.

The verdict, he said, has fulfilled the crores of Hindus’ 450 year-old Mandir wahi banayenge wish’.

“We welcome the verdict and appeal to all to exercise restrain” he said talking to HT over phone.

Togadiya said the judgment was a tribute to temple champions like Ashok Singhal who were no more or lakhs of Hindus like Kotjari brothers who laid their lives and sacrificed their career and families for the great cause as well as lakhs of Hindus who donated for the Ram Temple agitation.

“I hope now a grand temple will come soon in Ayodhya after the Apex Court cleared all the decks” he said.

12:17 pm IST

All should respect Ayodhya verdict: Congress

“We appeal to all the parties concerned and to all communities to abide by the secular values and spirit of fraternity enshrined in our Constitution and to maintain peace and harmony.

It is the responsibility of each one of us to reaffirm our tradition of mutual respect and unity among all that has defined our society through the ages,” the Congress said.

12:14 pm IST

Lord Ram is for all: Union Minister Harsh Vardhan

“The Ayodhya verdict should not be seen for a section of people but for entire humanity. Lord Ram is Maryada Purushottam. Lord Ram is for all. My thoughts go to Ashok Singhal on this day,” said Union Minister Harsh Vardhan.

12:10 pm IST

Ayodhya verdict has permanently shut doors of divisive politics: Congress

Congress welcomed Supreme Court’s verdict on Ayodhya land title suit and that this is not an issue for which an individual should take credit.

“The verdict has permanently shut the doors on the divisive politics played by the BJP,” the party said.

12:02 pm IST

Take verdict with equanimity and magnanimity, urges Rajnath Singh

“The Judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court on Ayodhya is historic. The Judgement will further strengthen India’s social fabric.

I urge everyone to take the verdict with equanimity and magnanimity. I also appeal to the people to maintain peace & harmony after this landmark verdict,” defence minister Rajnath Singh said.

11:53 am IST

Will decide on filing review petition: Zafaryab Jilani

Sunni Waqf Board’s Zafaryab Jilani said that they will decide on filing a review petition against Supreme Court’s Ayodhya verdict.

11:50 am IST

Unanimous judgment after hearing all parties: Delhi CM

“The Supreme Court gave a unanimous judgment after hearing the arguments from all parties. We welcome the verdict. The Court gave the judgement today after many years, bringing to an end an years-old dispute. Appeal to every one to maintain peace,” Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said.

11:47 am IST

Everyone must accept SC verdict: Nitin Gadkari

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said that everyone should maintain peace and must accept Supreme Court judgement on the Ayodhya land title dispute suit.

11:44 am IST

There should be no further dispute, appeals Nitish Kumar

“Supreme Court’s judgement should be welcomed by everyone, it will be beneficial for the social harmony. There should be no further dispute on this issue, that is my appeal to the people,” Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

11:42 am IST

‘We are not satisfied’: Sunni Waqf Board Lawyer

News agency ANI quoted Zafaryab Jilani, Sunni Waqf Board lawyer as saying, “we respect the judgment but we are not satisfied, we will decide the further course of action.

11:40 am IST

Historic judgement: Lawyer representing Hindu Mahasabha

“It is a historic judgment. With this judgement, the Supreme Court has given the message of unity in diversity,” said Varun Kumar Sinha, lawyer representing Hindu Mahasabha in the Ayodhya land title suit.

11:37 am IST

Ayodhya DM congratulates people on Ayodhya verdict

“Congratulations everybody on a peaceful resolution of a longstanding dispute. I will urge everybody to observe restraint in celebrating the verdict. Any inciting or insulting behaviour will be acted against,” the Ayodhya DM Anuj K Jha tweeted.

11:33 am IST

‘Can’t believe this’, says vendor in Ayodhya

Rakesh Kumar (40) runs a shop on Ramjanmbhoomi Babri Masjid marg from Hanumangarhi in Ayodhya. He says the Supreme Court judgement will change our lives. “I can’t believe the 500 year old dispute has ended,” he said.

11:30 am IST

Sunni Waqf Board failed to establish case of adverse possession:CJI

The Sunni Waqf Board has not been able to establish dedicated place of worship. No case of adverse possession has been established, the CJI said.

11:26 am IST

Documents do not indicate possession of outer courtyard: CJI

“There is an absence of evidence that mosque after its construction was used for offering namaz until 1857. There is evidence to show that Muslims had abandoned the property. There was consistent pattern of the possession of the outer courtyard by Hindus after 1857. The documents do not indicate possession of the courtyard. A Railing was set up to maintain law and order. There were attempts to exclude Hindus to access the inner courtyard, significantly the prayers on the outer courtyard continued,” the CJI said while delivering the judgement.

11:20 am IST

ASI findings left things unanswered: SC

“On the question of whether a Hindu temple was demolished at the contested site in Ayodhya, the ASI has left it unanswered,” the CJI said in while delivering the verdict.

11:15 am IST

Temple to come up in disputed Ayodhya site, rules Supreme Court

Ram temple will come up in the disputed 2.77 acre land in Ayodhya, the Supreme Court has ruled while Muslims will get alternative land measuring five acres, it added.

11:12 am IST

High level meet at Amit Shah’s residence

A high level meeting is currently on at Home Minister Amit Shah’s residence. NSA Ajit Doval, Home Secretary and Director IB present in the meeting.

11:08 am IST

Hindus always believed birthplace of Lord Ram was in inner courtyard of mosque: SC

“There is no evidence that Muslims abandoned mosque.Hindus always believed birthplace of Lord Ram was in inner courtyard of mosque. Clearly established that Muslims offered prayer inside inner courtyard and Hindus offered prayers in outer courtyard,” the Supreme Court said in its verdict on the Ayodhya land dispute suit according to news agency ANI.

11:05 am IST

Mosque was not abandoned by Muslims: CJI

“The mosque was not abandoned by the Muslims. Though Hindus continued to worship at Ram Chabutra, they claimed ownership on Garbh Garha also,” the CJI was quotes as saying by news agency ANI.

11:00 am IST

Evidence in the records shows that Hindus in the possession of the outer court: CJI

“There is evidence that Ram Chabutra, Sita Rasoi was worshipped by the Hindus before the British came. Evidence in the records shows that Hindus in the possession of the outer court of the disputed land in Ayodhya,” said the CJI while reading out the judgement.

10:52 am IST

Babri Masjid wasn’t built on a vacant plot: CJI

“Babri mosque was not constructed over a vacant land. The structure underneath it was equal if not more than the disputed structure. Underline structure was not Islamic. The foundation of the disputed structure rests on the pillars of underline structure,” CJI read out the verdict.

10:40 am IST

Nirmohi Akhara claim dismissed

The Nirmohi Akhara claim Ram Janmabhumi-Babri Masjid land title suit has been dismissed. The claim of Nirmohi Akhara is only of management. Nirmohi Akhara is not a Shabait, rules Supreme Court

10:38 am IST

Law must stand apart over politics, religion and beliefs: SC in Ayodhya verdict

The law must stand apart over politics, religion and beliefs, the Supreme Court said in the Ayodhya land title dispute verdict.

The court as a secular institution should uphold all beliefs and religion and Places of Worship Act was meant to ensure state’s commitment to protect the faith and belief of all, the CJI said.

10:30 am IST

CJI reads out Ayodhya land dispute case verdict

Chief Justice  Ranjan Gogoi is currently reading out the Ayodhya land dispute case verdict. He said that the judgement is unanimous.

10:28 am IST

No rumours, objectionable comments must be made on social media: Uttarakhand CM

“I appeal to people of Uttarakhand to accept whatever verdict is given by the Supreme Court. No rumours or objectionable comments should be made on social media or other platforms that could adversely affect social harmony, Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat was quoted as saying by news agency ANI on Ayodhya verdict.

10:25 am IST

All 5 judges reach Supreme Court

All five Supreme Court judges who will deliver the verdict in Ayodhya land title case have reached the Supreme Court. The bench will pronounce the verdict shortly.

10:20 am IST

Respect Supreme Court order, appeals Mayawati

In a tweet on Saturday, BSP supremo Mayawati urged people to maintain peace and communal harmony and said that the people should respect the Supreme Court order on Ayodhya land title suit.

10:13 am IST

Stick to party’s official position: Congress to party leaders

Congress leaders have been asked to refrain from making personal comments on the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid verdict and stick to party’s official position to be announced after the Supreme Court’s judgment in the 70-year old land title dispute on Saturday.

10:09 am IST

CJI arrives at Supreme Court

The Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi has arrived at the Supreme Court, reported news agency ANI. A five-judge bench led by him will deliver the landmark verdict in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case shortly

9:45 pm IST

UP Congress chief makes appeal for peace

UP Congress president Ajay Kumar ‘Lallu’ has appealed to the people not to take the Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya as victory or defeat and has requested people to maintain peace and uphold the Constitution.

9:35 am IST

An hour to go

In approximately an hour from now, the Supreme Court will deliver its landmark verdict in the Ayodhya land title suit.

The city of Ayodhya has turned into a fortress, while state is on high alert ahead of the judgement.

9:20 am IST

10 drones deployed for security surveillance

Ahead of the Ayodhya verdict by Supreme Court today, a total of 60 companies of paramilitary force, RPF and PAC and 1200 police constables, 250 Sub-inspectors, 20 Dy-SPs and two SPs have been deployed, news agency ANI reported.

Double layer barricading, public address system, 35 CCTVs and 10 drones have also been deployed for security surveillance.

9:10 am IST

Spirit of brotherhood hallmark of our secular fabric: Naveen Patnaik

Ahead of Ayodhya verdict, Odisha chief minister Odisha Naveen Patnaik has urged everyone to accept the judgement of the Supreme Court.

“Let us continue to live in peace and harmony. The spirit of brotherhood is the hallmark of our secular fabric,” he was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

8:50 am IST

Internet services suspended in Agra

Internet services have been suspended in Agra from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday, DM Agra NG Ravi Kumar has confirmed.

“We are in constant touch with state government over the issue. Situation is normal only precautionary steps are being taken. Schools and colleges in Agra district closed till 11th of October”, he added.

8:45 am IST

RSS chief in Delhi, to address media post SC verdict

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is in Delhi. He will address the media post the Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya land title suit. He will address the nation through media at 1 pm at Keshav Kunj parisar, Jhandewalan.

8:40 am IST

Only two-wheelers allowed in Ayodhya

No four wheelers from outside the city are being allowed to enter Ayodhya, while only local two-wheelers have been permitted to move around.

8:30 am IST

UP-Nepal border sealed

Following a late-night meeting of top officials with chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday, the Uttar Pradesh-Nepal border has been sealed, news agency IANS reported.

No one without proper identity proof would be allowed to move along the sensitive border, IANS quoted Additional Chief Secretary for Home, Avanish Awasthi as saying.

8:27 am IST

Temporary jails in all UP districts

Security across the state has been heightened ahead of the Supreme Court verdict. The state government has also created temporary jails in all 31 districts, reported news agency PTI.

8:15 am IST

Chief priest of makeshift Ram temple appeals for peace

Chief Priest of the makeshift Ram temple in Ayodhya, Mahant Satyendra Das has appealed people to respect the Supreme Court verdict and maintain peace. He upheld the Prime Minister’s view that the Ayodhya verdict today will not be anyone’s defeat or victory, reported news agency ANI.

8:05 am IST

Second longest heard cases in Supreme Court

The Ayodhya case comes a close second to the longest heard case in the Supreme Court: the Kesavanad Bharati case. Daily hearings in the case were held for 40 days, Kesavanad Bharati case was heard for 68 days. The hearing in the Ram Janmabhumi-Babri Masjid started on August 16 and concluded on October 16.

8:00 am IST

Himachal police issues warning against circulation of fake news

Police in Himachal Pradesh has issued a warning against the circulation of fake news, news agency PTI reported.

The police shall take strict penal action against anyone who indulge in circulation of fake news, morphed pictures, doctored videos or any inflammatory material, Solan Superintendent of Police Madhusudan Sharma was quoted as saying by PTI on Saturday.

7:50 am IST

Educational institutions shut till Monday in several states

Schools and colleges in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan will remain closed till Monday while the educational institutions in Madhya Praesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi will remain shut today.

7:40 am IST

UP on high alert

Uttar Pradesh is on high alert, the city of Ayodhya has turned into a fortress ahead of the Supreme Court verdict in the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid title suit.

7:35 am IST

5-judge bench to deliver verdict

The five-judge bench lead by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi set to deliver the verdict in Ayodhya case comprises justices SA Bobde, DY Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and SA Nazeer.

The bench was set up earlier this year to rule on a batch of appeals against a 2010 Allahabad high court judgement.

The disputed 2.77 acres of land in Ayodhya was ordered to be divided equally into three parts among the Sunni Waqf Board, the Nirmohi Akhara, and the Ram Lalla Virajman, as per the original verdict .

7:20 am IST

UP Police social media cell on alert

Director General of Police for Uttar Pradesh, OP Singh on Friday said that the social media cell of Uttar Pradesh Police is on alert and keeping an eye on objectionable tweets, comments, and posts.

“We have marked 673 active accounts on social media for creating nuisance and cases are being registered. Internet could be blocked if a need is felt in any district,” he added.

7:15 am IST

PM Modi calls for peace, unity and harmony

On Friday night, PM Narendra Modi tweeted that the Supreme verdict in the Janmabhumi-Babri Masjid title suit won’t be a victory or defeat for anyone. He appealed the nation to maintain that the ruling in the verdict gives way to peace, unity and harmony.

7:10 am IST

Devotees leave Ayodhya

To avoid any kind of mishap or clash in the city, many devotees left Ayodhya before midnight as the Supreme Court is set to pronounce its verdict in the decades old title suit. The verdict will be announced at 10:30 am today.

7:00 am IST

Security heightened

Ahead of Supreme Court’s verdict in the Ayodhya land dispute case today, security in Ayodhya has been heightened.

On Friday, the administration has asked citizens stay indoors and keep businesses closed, clamping a lockdown on the city in anticipation of the verdict. No vehicles are being allowed towards the city.

Security was also tightened in sensitive districts such as Meerut, Moradabad, Agra, Aligarh, Prayagraj, Lucknow and Gorakhpur.


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