Asus plans price hikes for its GPUs and motherboards in early 2021


Why it matters: Late 2020 wasn’t the best time to be a gamer. Console players struggled with next-gen device shortages, and PC users faced similar stock problems with the launch of the latest hardware from AMD and Nvidia. Some of those problems may be alleviated as we get deeper into 2021, but Asus customers will have something else to contend with: price hikes.

In a new announcement published on the company’s PC DIY Facebook page, Asus revealed that it will be raising prices across its GPU and motherboard product line-up.

These changes go into effect in “early 2021,” and they are intended to reflect “increases in cost” for components, operations, logistical activities, and the “continuation of import tariffs.”

Asus says it has done its best to “minimize price increases” through discussions with its supply and logistic partners, but it seems those talks weren’t fruitful enough to stave off price hikes entirely. It is not clear at this time how much the MSRP of Asus’ products will increase.

While this is frustrating news for many PC gamers that were hoping to snag an Asus mainboard or graphics card, we can’t exactly blame the company for making this decision. As it points out, we’re in the middle of an “unprecedented market change,” primarily prompted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

We hope these price increases will only last a month or two, but as was the case throughout much of 2020, the future is simply impossible to predict here.


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