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An audience member asked: “What should we send back to France, a DVD of ‘The Darkest Hour?’”

The audience tittered slightly, as did the audience member.

To which, the RBS Chairman Howard Davies quipped: “My answer is I think we should send them Arsene Wenger, it will be popular with referees.”

Which caused the audience to erupt with laughter at the hilarious comment.

Question Time Presenter David Dimbleby asked: “Has Macron played a blinder with the tapestry?”

To which the RBS chairman replied: “I think he is a very cute character.”

Dimbleby replied: “Cute, or acute?”

The RBS chief replied: “Cute in the sense of thinking up smart little ideas.

“Many people say it is his wife who actually thinks up these ideas, but I wouldn’t like to be certain about that.

“But I think it is a good gesture.”

The Bayeux Tapestry will come to Britain after Brexit in 2022 after France agreed to loan the artwork as French President Emmanuel Macron launched a charm offensive during talks with Theresa May.

The UK agreed to spend £44.5million on border controls at Calais and other ports along the Channel.

But the French President did attempt to sweeten the deal by loaning the Bayeux Tapestry as both Mr Macron and Theresa May seized the opportunity to stress the close bond between France and Britain.

But Mr Davies continued in a more serious tone: “I think that we have to make a contribution in Calais, people in this country don’t understand how serious an issue the problem in Calais has been for the French.

“That area around Calais has been a very strong National Front area and that’s partly because of the existence of the camps.

“I do think if we want the French to keep a border on their side then it’s not unreasonable to make a contribution.

“But I might add that the problem with migration needs to be dealt with on a European level.”

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