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Ariana Grande Performs EPIC Duet With Christina Aguilera On The Voice Season 10 Finale

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Written by sortiwa


  1. I want a FULL version of them singing this duet! THAT'S my reaction!
    Excuse me for saying but BITCHING version! Definitely kickass! ♡
    Two amazing women that totally compliment each other's voice talents! ♡

  2. Ariana's voice is very good but she has thin voice tone or how you say 'soft' Christina has powerful voice, she can do duet in this generation maybe with Demi Lovato

  3. i cant find the video, ut when i heard that first clip of ariana, my heart literallly dropped JFIHEQRPIUGHE YES YES YEEEEESSSSSS

  4. i love ariana.. totally.. but when it comes to a duet like this, especially with X Tina sorry to say but Now I can hear clearly the different..
    her voice is soft compare to X Tina..
    but Ariana has all time on her to practice and make it better, considering she's a young talented singer.. 😀😀😀

    So, yaahh..
    X tina still has it all.. She's the queen.. 😙😙😙

  5. Aweful. it was overwrought and too forced to be a beautiful duet. They were trying too hard to be "epic" Arianna is still a bit too young and not seasoned enough to match the stronger vocal talents of X-tina. This should have been better.

  6. Christina sounded so rough…Ari's voice sounded so much nicer and more flexible….Christina shouldn't sing Ari's songs…but it's funny cause Ari can sing Christina's songs really well lol