April Fools’ Day 2021: All the pranks from OnePlus to OlaCabs to Flipkart

The first day of April is not a day to be trusted, especially among friends and family. Anything you see or read about on this day could be false, all under the guise of harmless fun, of course. Any tech launches, teasers or announcements you may see on this day, definitely deserve a second look. Here are some of the pranks by brands we found on the occasion of April Fools’ Day 2021.

OnePlus Omni

OnePlus recently launched its flagship OnePlus 9 series after a lot of teasers. However, the brand did not hesitate to call their latest product just a half measure when compared to what is yet to come, the OnePlus Omni, a phone with a 360-degree display. Check out the tweet below.

PUBG – Player Omnom’s BattleGrounds

The PUBG franchise took to stage on April 1 to announce their new two-dimensional game owing to its historical roots– POBG or PlayerOMNOM’s BattleGrounds. The arcade-style game looks almost doable, and if only we weren’t aware of the date, we likely would have been sold. Check the tweet below.

Realme RealMeow

Realme went ahead to tease the brand’s new mysterious product line dedicated not to gamers or tech enthusiasts, but to cats. Enter ‘RealMeow’. Check out the following tweet.

Amazfit Max Power

Amazfit managed to give us a laugh with the launch of a giant smartwatch with a screen size of a tablet, complete with its own credit card holder and a remote self destruct button. The brand even managed to cleverly turn the April Fools gag into a promotional video at the end. Check out the tweet below.

Ola Air Pro

The world’s just getting used to electric vehicles going mainstream. However, Ola took a step ahead straight into the sky by launching OlaAirPro, an airborne cab service that will take people from A to B in record time in a futuristic flying car. Check out the tweet below.

Asus ZenCircle

Asus took the opportunity to launch the Asus ZenCircle, one of the funniest fake products we saw today. Watching the Taiwanese brand’s year of experience being put to use into developing a product that can be used in the gym, or in the drain is hilarious. Check out the tweet below.

Poco Loco Energy Drink

Poco took the opportunity to launch their new product that’s not a smartphone, tech accessory or even a lifestyle product. Instead, the product in the spotlight is a new energy drink called Poco Loco. Check out the tweet below.

Boat 2021 tourist guide

Audio brand boat did not launch a new pair of ridiculous earphones or speakers, but instead chose to make their mark on some of the most well know geographical spots across the world. Check out the following tweet.

Acer Clever Boy

Acer came up with what we think was the cutest fake product for the day. Meet the Acer Clever Boy, a portable pet assistant product that you can add to your dog’s leash that will translate his/her barks into meaningful conversation. Check the tweet below.

ROG CyberShoe

Watching a dedicated gaming brand like Asus ROG launching a footwear product was fun yet pretty obvious. Regardless, it looks like a cool pair of shoes that sneakerheads probably did get a good look at. Check out the tweet below.

Flipkart x Bitcoin

Flipkart started accepting one of the most unorthodox forms of payment on the occasion of April Fools’ Day with the introduction of Bitcoin payment on the platform.

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