Apple Watch Series 6 expected to have improved water resistance, better performance


Bottom line: The Apple Watch Series 5 is already water resistant to 50 meters. Further bolstering its ability to stay dry might allow Apple to certify it for extreme activities like water skiing or scuba diving. And improved performance –whether courtesy of better wireless chips or a faster SoC – is always welcome.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is less than two months old at this point but already, some are shifting their focus to what might be next for Cupertino’s popular wearable.

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in recent a note to investors said he believes Apple’s Series 6 smartwatch will feature improved water resistance as well as faster performance and better wireless transmission for enhanced cellular / Wi-Fi speeds.

Key to delivering these enhancements will be a switch to liquid crystal polymer (LCP) for the flexible circuit boards in the new watches. Up to this point, Apple has used a material called polyimide (PI). Kuo’s note, seen by MacRumors, said the LCP will be supplied by at least three companies including Avary Holding, Dongshan Precision Flexium Interconnect.

This year’s Apple Watch refresh was relatively short on new features. Aside from introducing an always-on display and a built-in compass, where wasn’t much to get excited about versus last year’s model. Still, Apple is leading the pack in terms of shipments and that’s great news for the company and investors alike.

Masthead credit: Apple Watch by Denys Prykhodov


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