Apple Music Replay is a rolling compilation of your favorite songs of the year

In brief: If you like making playlists of your favorite music, Apple has just made it a lot easier for you. Just listen to the tracks you like and at the end of the year you will get a playlist of your most-played songs. Don’t want to wait? Once you start using the feature, it updates weekly.

In its continuing bid to compete with rival music-streaming service Spotify, Apple Music is introducing a feature that rounds up your most listened to songs throughout the year into a comprehensive playlist. Apple Music Replay, as it is called, will also show ranked listings like how many albums your tracks came from, what songs you repeated the most, and the number of hours you listened to a song or artist.

It is similar to Spotify’s Wrapped, which is a yearly curation of your most listened to songs. Apple Music Replay, however, is an ongoing experience where the playlist evolves throughout the year, not just an annual review. The list, and the stats it shows update every Sunday, so you can watch your Replay grow and change.

Additionally, Apple Music Replay will generate a playlist for every year a user has been subscribed to the service, so it is not limited to just the current year. You can also import the compilations to your music library for offline listening and share them to social media.

I have always enjoyed Spotify’s personalized playlists, although I prefer the weekly collections more than the yearly Wrapped curation. Perhaps this is what Apple was shooting for — a rolling playlist that changes throughout the year and caps it off December 31. It seems to be a solid competitive move regardless of reasoning.

Users can access the feature starting today from either the Replay ’19 website or from the Apple Music app.

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