Apple iOS 14.5: All the new features coming to your iPhone

The next iOS 14 update – iOS 14.5 – will roll out soon. Apple is currently beta-testing iOS 14.5, which is coming this spring. Touted as the biggest update to iOS 14, the upcoming software version will offer a number of new features, including the ability to unlock your iPhone using the Apple Watch while wearing a mask, the long-awaited App Tracking Transparency feature, and more. The final release of iOS 14.5 will likely happen in April.

Here is everything we know so far about iOS 14.5.

Unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch

One of the biggest features of iOS 14.5 is going to be the ability to unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch when you are wearing a mask. The idea is to bypass Face ID to unlock your iPhone. Sure, Face ID is great but during the pandemic, many realised that the iPhone’s face recognition feature doesn’t work when half of your face is covered with a mask. The solution: let the Apple Watch be used to unlock your iPhone. The new feature still requires your face or passcode.

App Tracking Transparency

Apple is adding some big changes in the soon-to-be-released iOS 14.5 update. The notable one is Apple’s App Tracking Transparency. Simply put, this feature would require user permission for apps that want to track people across other apps and websites. Obviously, the announcement has received a lot of criticism from big developers, including Facebook. Once the update will be live, Facebook will need to ask your permission to get access to your Advertising ID. Both Facebook and Apple in recent months have been engaged in a war of words around privacy changes.

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Battery recalibration

iOS 14.5 will introduce a nifty feature called the battery recalibration feature, which would basically display the health status of the battery of your device. Essentially, the new feature will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and the peak performance statistics. Users will be able to access the battery recalibration information under Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

Two new Siri voices

With iOS 14.5, Apple will allow you to pick a female or male voice for the digital assistant. That’s not all. Apple is also adding two new Siri voices for English speakers. In addition, Apple’s digital voice assistant will now better understand your music-listening preferences, though it’s not clear if the feature would appear in the final version of iOS 14.5.

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Support of dual-SIM 5G, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S controller compatibility

The iPhone 12 will soon support dual-SIM 5G, meaning both the phone’s physical SIM and e-SIM will have access to 5G. The feature is great for travelers. With the iOS 14.5 update, Apple is also adding support for a PlayStation 5 DualSense or Xbox Series X/S controller. So once the update is official, users can play games on their iPhones or iPad using PS5 and Xbox Series X/S controllers.

Over 200 new emojis coming to iOS 14.5

Apple is adding a bunch of new emojis in iOS 14.5. In fact, a total of 217 emojis will be a part of the upcoming iOS update. Some of the emojis one should look forward to includes a redesigned vaccine syringe with the blood removed, couples kissing, couple with heart, faces with spiralling eyes, among others.

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