Apple iOS 14.4 update to bring better HomePod integration, other new features

Apple’s next major software update for its phones and tablets, iOS 14.4 is just around the corner. The new iOS and iPadOS is already being used by beta testers and developers to iron out any bugs and for better compatibility with applications. Apple is bringing in some new features and changes with the new update, including easier controls for the Apple HomePod Mini. Here are all the changes we can expect from the new update.

New HomePod Mini controls

When a newer Apple iPhone based on the U1 chip is around the HomePod Mini speaker, a soft haptic touch rhythm will automatically start. Further, it will get faster the closer your iPhone gets to the smart speaker. Once in range, a UI will pop up and allow songs to be transferred to the HomePod Mini.

More control on the audio volume warning

Audio levels will offer much more fine-tuning with Apple iOS 14.4. Once you connect a Bluetooth output for your movies or music, iOS 14.4 will ask you to specify the device type, which could be a pair of headphones or your car stereo. Based on what kind of output the music will be played on, iOS 14.4 will decide if you should be warned about high audio volumes that can damage your hearing abilities over time.

New Apple Watch features

The Apple Watch will get a new “Time to Walk” feature and a “Add nearest Workouts to Watch” feature. “Time to Walk Workouts are downloaded when Apple Watch is connected to power and near your iPhone,” mentions the beta instructions from Apple. While not a lot is known about these as of now, we expect more details to be released once the update becomes stable.

best gadgets of 2020, top gadgets of 2020, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max, HomePod mini, Galaxy S20 FE, Dell XPS 13, MacBook Air M1, Galaxy M51 New features for the Apple Watch will also be coming with iOS 14.4. (Express Photo)

Other additions

Apple is also expected to add in new warnings for unauthorised repairs on the new iPhone 12 series. These warnings will alert users if components like the camera are repaired or replaced with aftermarket parts. Users with any such procedures done on their phones will likely see an “Unable to verify this ‌iPhone‌ has a genuine Apple camera” warning on their phones. Users of older iPhones including the iPhone 11 series will likely not see these warnings.

Apple iPhone will now also be able to scan smaller QR codes and fixes for various issues with the Fitness widget, HDR photos, and language settings on the keyboard. While a date for the new update is not officially revealed yet, Apple should announce the same soon after the update gets stable enough for a public rollout.

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