Amazon’s Ninja and Philips Air Fryer Deals Save You As Much As $150

Air fryers are becoming more and more popular thanks to their promise of crispy yet juicy fried foods minus the fat. Using a convection mechanism, hot air cooks your food, a process that requires little to no oil, unlike the traditional (and stroke-inducing) deep-frying method. The best ones don’t come cheap and aren’t small, but they are worthwhile investments that will hopefully lead to a much healthier version of you. We’ve rounded up a couple of 4-quart air fryers for you from trusted brands Ninja and Philips. They’re both available on Amazon at mouth-watering discounted prices.


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The Ninja Air Fryer has a 4-quart capacity that makes it ideal for families of three to five people. Easily cook two pounds of fries in one go. It is powered by a 1,550-watt motor base and features a one-touch control panel that’s easy to operate. You can manually set up the cooking time and temperature or choose any of the four cooking presets: The standard air fryer setting, roast setting, dehydration setting, and reheat setting. Air fry your food to achieve that crispy golden crunch without having to put too much oil. You can roast vegetables and meats in a matter of minutes. Reheating leftovers also takes no time at all with this air fryer. Finally, the dehydration function allows you to make jerky without having to add too much salt and sugar, unlike commercially available ones. You can also make dried fruits and veggie chips with this function.

The basket and the grill plate of this air fryer are coated with a nonstick ceramic coating that will not scratch and doesn’t have any of the harmful chemicals that are typically found in Teflon. A light spritz of oil every time you cook will help maintain the nonstick coating for a long time.

This air fryer does not vent hot air through the bottom, unlike most air fryers. This means you can safely place it on your countertop without having to worry that it will cause discoloration, or worse, weaken your counter’s structure. Lastly, all detachable parts, including the basket, crisper plate, and multilayer rack are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

The Ninja Air Fryer is a versatile kitchen appliance that lets you cook meals and snacks the healthier way. In fact, Amazon customers were so impressed with it that they gave it a near-perfect 4.8-out-of-5 stars rating. They praised it for its fast cooking time, easy cleanup, and affordable price. A few warned though that it can get really hot during cooking so make sure that there’s enough ventilation and that nothing flammable is near it. Order your own Ninja Air Fryer for just $110 instead of $130 on Amazon today – that’s a 15% savings.


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The Philips Twin TurboStar XXL certainly lives up to its name, weighing 7.99 kg and measuring 433 x 321 x 315mm in size. If you do buy it, make sure you allocate enough space for it on your kitchen countertop. It can cook three pounds or four quarts of food at each go, and based on our experience, those are conservative numbers. We’ve had no difficulty fitting three pounds of chicken breasts, two bags of fries, and up to six portions food in it with room to spare. A dial allows you to set the timer and temperature, which has an impressive range of 175 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This air fryer boasts a unique Twin TurboStar technology that circulates heat by creating a high-velocity, tornado-like airflow. With this feature, you can fry a huge amount of food with just a tablespoon of oil and still get an even cook with no turning required. It can also extract excess fat with the help of the 1,725-watt motor. The fat gets captured at the bottom, which you can dump after cooking.

Aside from being an air fryer, the Philips Twin TurboStar XXL can also grill, roast, toast, and bake. No preheating is needed so you can save time and start cooking right away. And if you run out of cooking ideas, don’t worry. The package includes a gorgeous cookbook with full-color photographs of more than 30 recipes. Furthermore, you can download the Philips Air Fryer app and gain access to over 200 more recipes online.

The Philips Twin TurboStar XXL has earned an impressive 4.1-out-of-5-stars rating on Amazon. Customers love how it can accommodate large quantities of food and cook them at a much faster rate. Chicken can be eaten safely after just 25 minutes of cooking, perfectly crispy fries are available in a little over 20 minutes, and toast can be made in less than four minutes. However, some have taken issue with the amount of smoke it releases. The solution: Clean the basket thoroughly, and use as little oil as possible. This air fryer typically costs $350, but with Amazon’s huge $150 discount, you can get it for $200. What’s more, if you pay via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card and get approval, you’ll enjoy an additional $50 off instantly, bringing the price even lower to $150.

The 4-quart Ninja and Philips Twin TurboStar XXL air fryers allow you to make quick and healthy snacks or full meals for you and your family. The Ninja’s dehydrator function is a real highlight, but the Philips Twin TurboStar XXL’s offers more versatility with its grill, roast, toast, and bake capabilities. Get them on Amazon today and save up to $150. 

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