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The Eero WiFi (2019) is a well-made dual-band WiFi system, offering an intuitive and reliable application, a good wireless performance and the small case of each unit is an attractive alternative to the likes of Google WiFi, but did we actually need another second gen Eero WiFi system? The tri-band Eero and the Beacons units were a fantastic combination for most homes, but the lack of Ethernet ports (on the secondary units) wasn’t the most inspired decision, so the Eero WiFi 2019 fixes this and at a far lower cost.

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Maybe your current router just isn’t cutting it, and you just want something simple that can spread a reliable connection to all corners of your home. In that case, there’s no need to overthink it here — Eero is a very safe pick, and maybe even a terrific one, since you’re getting three devices for less than Nest charges for two.

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The Eero is a stylish mesh networking system that offers solid performance, but it can’t keep up with comparably priced competitors.

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With this third-gen device, and under the watchful eye of Amazon, Eero is really getting into its stride. If you’re in the market for solid, speedy Wi-Fi that reaches into every corner of the home, plus some useful extras like parental controls, give this a serious look.

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Overall, the main draw of the new Eero is the ability to get all of those features and experiences at a lower price than before. At $100 for a single unit or $250 for the three-pack, the new Eero is a much easier system to jump into than the $400 Eero Pro and Beacon kit. It’s also compatible with all of the other Eero devices, so as your needs grow over time, you can upgrade the slower nodes to Eero Pro units piecemeal. You can also use the new Eero in existing Eero networks to add more coverage or provide Ethernet ports in rooms that aren’t wired for them.

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