Amazing Upper Back & Leg Stretches Follow Pilates instructor Cassey Ho as she works you through a series of stretches to increase your flexibility and lengthen tight muscles. It is important to stretch…

Written by sortiwa

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  1. Hi Cassey, I know this video is a little older, but do you have an updated version to stretch out the upper back? Particularly: between the shoulders, shoulders & the area where the bra clasp usually goes…that's where I carry all my stress! Thank you!!

  2. I love that routine, make me feele so much better in my leg right after. I dare ask you what is the song during legs stretches, the one before Cherry blossom girl, please ? I so much love that song. Thanks for this combo stretch and songs 😉

  3. I am doing my blogilates May,2016 calendar and I can't find the "stretches for sore legs" video that's in the calendar, I just came to this one instead but does anyone know if the other one is still around? Also maybe share the link plz thanks

  4. I have no balance doing this and on other exercises, it's not like it's too hard or that I'm not flexible enough, I don't have enough balance! It's annoying, because I know that I could do this, but I'm falling down, or on the sites and so on… 🙁

  5. Day 20 of the beginners calendar. ♡ Very doable stretches for me. I may need to work some of your stretch routines into my daily routine once I get it established. This would be amazing before bed.