Adobe’s new audio AI tool can isolate voices and other sounds in recordings


Forward-looking: Generative AI services are currently leading the way in popularizing machine learning algorithms. However, audio-based solutions can also offer equally intriguing and advanced features. Adobe is actively developing such technology, using AI to isolate different types of sounds within a single recording.

During its latest MAX creative event, Adobe unveiled a new “Sneak” technology expected to integrate into the company’s creative platform. The US software corporation described Project Sound Lift as the future of AI-powered audio editing, a tool designed to simplify sound isolation.

In a brief video demo, Adobe showcased what Project Sound Lift can do, using the AI-powered technology to separate speech from other background noises such as crowds and music. Sound Lift can take short video uploads, as demonstrated, and isolate a specific kind of sound while filtering out almost everything else.

The tool offers various audio options to choose from, including applause, laughter, alarms, speech, traffic, typing, and more. The AI identifies the selected audio layer, extracting separate audio files with either the background noise or the chosen sound for extraction.

The video demo illustrates that the final results from Project Sound Lift audio manipulation may not be crystal clear, but they are effective and achieved very quickly. Adobe also demonstrated how the isolated sound “tracks” can be imported into Adobe Premiere Pro, enabling video and content creators to adjust volume, tweak pitch, or perform other advanced audio editing tasks.

Project Sound Lift appears to utilize a similar design of AI technology that was employed to restore John Lennon’s voice from an old cassette tape, creating one more Beatles song. While AI-based audio tools existed before Adobe’s involvement, they were primarily useful for tweaking voice, ambience, or noise in recordings.

Adobe’s AI tool offers a more nuanced approach to audio editing and manipulation, providing content creators and video makers with an advanced option to transform their vision into a viral TikTok clip. As a Sneak preview feature, Project Sound Lift will need some refinement before becoming a proper commercial service available to users.


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